1 Netanyahu pledges not to allow the establishment of an independent Palestinian state

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin said NetanyahuMonday, March 22, 2021, He did not allow the establishment of a “fully sovereign” Palestinian state, stressing that “peace” in the region would be achieved through normalization agreements with Arab countries.

Netanyahu’s statements about the establishment of a Palestinian state

Netanyahu said during his interview with the Panet Arab news site: “I think that peace will be achieved, but in reverse, through peace agreements with Arab countries first.” And he added, “I do not think that we will not establish relations with the Palestinians, we are now establishing a relationship with the Palestinian Authority.” With regard to vaccinations (the Corona vaccine), because we live in the same place, and we must deal with the matter responsibly. ”Netanyahu also refused the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state.

In response to a question whether he accepts the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the state of Israel, the Prime Minister of Tel Aviv said: “Not according to the extremist concept that people are talking about (the establishment of a fully sovereign Palestinian state), because security control must remain in our hands, otherwise we will obtain (Hamas”. He added, “This means that the sovereign security force must remain in the hands of Israel in the small area between the Jordan River and the (Mediterranean) Sea, without this we will get Hamas, Al Qaeda and Iran, this is what will happen, and this is practically what happened in places where there was no strong security. “.

Netanyahu also affirmed that he supports the establishment of an entity for the Palestinians, but not in the classic sense, adding: “What will we call that? Self-government or a deficient state … I do not want to enter into that. Sovereign power, security, must remain in our hands.”

In a related context, Netanyahu said that he does not intend to marginalize the “Palestinian issue.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu / Reuters

Normalization with Israel

Netanyahu also commented on the recent normalization agreements signed by Arab countries with Tel Aviv, saying: “In the end, what happens between us and the Arab countries, and what is happening in the State of Israel between Jews and Arabs, which I do not think I am a part of, but rather I am its captain, brings about a historical change. With regard to relations between Jews and Arabs in general, this is quite clear. “

In his speech, Netanyahu referred to several agreements to normalize relations that Israel signed with a number of Arab countries recently, with the mediation of former US President Donald Trump.

Netanyahu reiterated that he is working to ensure that there will be direct flights for Arab pilgrims, from Ben Gurion Airport, near Tel Aviv, to Mecca, saying: “I believe that we are bringing great tidings for a new era of prosperity, prosperity, equality of opportunity and security, which I am determined to provide. “.

Signature of the normalization agreement / Reuters

He added, “I promised four peace agreements and achieved this, and no one would have believed it a year ago, and now I promise you that I will work to provide direct flights for the Muslim citizens of Israel, from Tel Aviv to Makkah and I will achieve it. Record this, because I will achieve it as I brought vaccinations (anti-virus Corona) and as it brought peace agreements. “

In response to a question about the date of that, he said: “I will say it diplomatically, sooner than you think.”

While Netanyahu refused to answer a question whether he had spoken in this regard with Saudi King Salman or Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman, and said: “I do not reveal talks, and I do not say that they were talks, but I say that I will investigate this matter.” Adding in the tone of electoral propaganda: “It will happen faster than we think, and this will only happen with me.”

General elections in Israel

Netanyahu’s statements come at a time when the Palestinians insist that Israel must adhere to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative, which stipulated that the establishment of a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, on the 1967 borders, and a solution to the Palestinian refugee issue would lead to the normalization of Arab countries’ relations with Israel.

As Netanyahu tries to win over the votes of Arab citizens of Israel, ahead of the Israeli elections that will take place tomorrow, Tuesday. In this regard, the Likud party has put up banners in the Arab regions, calling Netanyahu the nickname “Abu Yair”, in imitation of Palestinian customs.

Israel’s general elections are the fourth in two years, and many Israeli observers say the results of this round of elections are “decisive” for Netanyahu’s political future.

The Israeli Knesset / Reuters

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