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10 games to develop intelligence and stimulate memory for children

Intelligence is one of the gifts that God Almighty bestowed upon man, and we can work to strengthen and strengthen it in our minds, but the development of intelligence is preferable to be in the childhood stage due to the speed of the child’s learning at this stage, and the best solutions for the development of intelligence in children are intelligence games, and to know 10 games Developing intelligence and stimulating memory for children. It is necessary to read our article, or you can contact us through our website.


The benefits of intelligence games for children

Before presenting the top 10 intelligence development games and stimulating memory for children, we will explain the benefits of intelligence games for children, which are as follows:-

  • Intelligence games greatly benefit children as they improve and develop problem-solving skills.
  • Intelligence games train memory, which is one of the best features of these games, as it works to develop the child’s sensory, visual and auditory memory through games for memory training.
  • Intelligence games improve the child’s level of concentration when he starts a game that improves concentration, which makes his focus reflect on the rest of life, such as memorizing, studying and talking with others.
  • Develop the child’s intelligence and raise its level by improving pattern recognition existing In intelligence games, as well as the ability to distinguish between them, as well as notice the differences and differences and all the small small details that make the child quick-witted and witty at the same time.
  • Intelligence games improve visual perception that benefits the brain by enhancing visual perception skill and the ability to distinguish objects and objects.

10 Intelligence development games and activate memory for children

Which are the following:


Find the differences between the two pictures game for kids

  • The idea of ​​the game is that you have two similar pictures in front of you, but there are 10 things in one of them that are not found in the other picture.
  • The child is asked to extract these differences in a time of 60 seconds.

Find the matching shadow game

  • Find the matching shadow is a memory game for children.
  • Its idea revolves around the presence of two rows of images, one of them is real and the other is the shadow of these images.
  • The child matches the pictures with their appropriate and matching shade.

Educational maze game for children with pictures

  • The idea of ​​the game depends on delivering the animal to its home or to the appropriate food for it by following the correct path leading to it in this maze.
  • This game requires thought and patience in order to be able to win.

Find the two similar pictures

  • One of the best intelligence games that rely on the power of observation and activate memory.
  • The idea of ​​the game is to find similar pictures of animals or foods.

Find the different picture game

  • The idea of ​​the game depends on the strength of observation and its development in the child in extracting the different picture.
  • Several rows are shown in each row of four pictures, 3 of which are exactly the same and one picture has a difference. The child is asked to find this different picture.

Sudoku game for kids with pictures

  • Sudoku is one of the best games that have the ability to develop children’s intelligence.

In conclusion, dear reader, you must develop the intelligence of your children while they are still in their childhood stage through intelligence games for children, and to know the top 10 games for developing intelligence and stimulating memory for children, you must read this article or contact us through our website.

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