3 funny stories between couples to bring a smile to your heart

There is nothing more beautiful in life than a smile that you carry to the heart of the one you love. When you sincerely love a person, you find yourself always wanting to bring happiness to his heart, even with a small and very small smile.

The first story

One of the men married a girl related to her father in a way that human beings wondered about. Her husband traveled with him to another country where the distance between him and her father’s country is a hundred twenty kilometers away. This girl was from the severity of her attachment to her father and felt everything he felt even when she was far away, if he fell ill one day She woke up sick like him. If she felt her illness, she called to check on him and found him sick like her. If her father passed out, she felt tight in her chest.

Her husband realized the extent of her love and attachment to her father, and after long years of their marriage came to him the news of the death of his wife’s father, and he was distressed by the intensity of his distress, how would he tell her this news, so the husband thought for a long time about how he told her about such a news, which could lead to her life due to his knowledge of the extent of the status and the amount of love for the father with a heart His wife.

After a long reflection, he asked her: “Don’t you want to see your father ?!”

The wife explained her husband’s offer, and within five minutes she had come, prepared herself and her suitcase, and was beside him by the car delighted with a red-cheeked joy, and all the way the husband was still looking for a way to tell his wife the news …

Husband: “How long have we been married?”

Wife with a charming smile: “27 years”.

The husband: “And did you do anything wrong with you during the twenty-seven years ?!”

The wife with great satisfaction: “I bear witness to God that you were my blessing to the husband.”

The husband: “I am frank with you today that I intended to marry you.”

The wife did not utter a word, but sometimes she hit her hand in the car, and at other times she hit her herself, and four hours of time passed in her condition, and after she drained her strength and lost They had approached her late father’s house at the time …

Husband: “Am I lied to you ?!”

The wife: “No.”

Husband: “I have news and I want you to know that your father passed away by God.”

The wife: “May God have mercy on him, but are you really going to marry Ali ?!” !!!

 The second story

One of the wives attended a religious lesson, and she got the information that if a person sees in his sleep a bad dream or a vision that afflicts him, and the worry fades to his left three times.

Days later, she was sleeping next to her husband at night, and she saw in her sleep that her husband had married another woman, and she woke up before dawn in panic from her sleep, and immediately she remembered the words of the imam, so she spat three times on her left, and her husband was sleeping on her left.

In the beginning, I understood the meaning wrongly from the imam himself, who intended the puff to blow three times and not spit.

Her husband was upset, and when he started to speak and take his rights, she told him that she took her from the imam of the mosque next to them, and with the dawn prayer he went to the imam to blame him for what happened!

             The third story

A wife who has a disease fear of nothing, and always has whispers afraid of any sound, frightened and terrified everyone around her, in addition to being a hearing impaired.

Her husband tried a lot to persuade her to put a stethoscope in his ear, but she always saw in that a great defect and reduced her destiny, so he was always suffering with her.

One day her husband told her that he had to travel on a business trip, and this trip was for fifteen days, the husband traveled, and his wife remained after he traveled home. Their house consisted of three floors, and a house shared with other neighbors.

On the sixth day of his travels, the wife was surprised in the middle of the night that there was a thief who wanted to steal the house, but that thief was knocking lightly on the door so as not to wake up the other neighbors, the wife was terrified and called her husband immediately to inform him of the matter, especially when she found that the thief was turning off and lighting the electricity.

The shock for her was when she found her husband’s phone switched off, so she called her neighbors and everyone was in a deep sleep due to the late time, but no one answered her, so she called the police, but due to her poor hearing for the officer who answered her call and closed the line in her face because she did not hear it, so she called again On his wife, but his phone is still switched off

She called one of her neighbors who woke up her husband to help the poor wife, and as soon as the husband of her neighbor arrived to her rescue, her neighbor called her to ask her to open the door since her husband had arrested the thief, and when she opened the door, she found her husband in front of her, in the end it was not a thief but rather her husband who lied to her He did not go on a business trip, but went with his friends for fun and luxury, and after six days he spent all his money and sold his phone to buy a return ticket!

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