3 Zodiac Signs End Relationships During the Moon in Leo on October 28, 2021

There are many things that the Moon in Leo on October 28, 2021 can bring us, and two of those things are courage – and false courage. Now there is a quandary.

What’s interesting is that both of these situations can work in our favour. Everyone heard about her “fakeness” until she made it? Well, this is the Moon in Leo, doing its work on our psyche.

Before courage becomes real, sometimes we just have to pretend we have it, and everything will fall into place, accordingly.

This is what may happen to us when we experience the effect of this transit, if we are in a relationship that needs a complete overhaul; We might just have to fake it to make it, sometimes that kind of fake courage is waking up the nerve to tell someone goodbye and end the relationship once and for all.

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Letting go of someone you’ve been involved with is never easy, and there are a lot of individual variables involved.

But when we know it’s over, I mean it’s really over, someone had to take the step to make it official, and if that’s you, you have to stand up that courage now, because this is your moment.

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