3 Zodiac Signs Finding It Hard to Show Affection Starting October 28, 2021

Anytime we have a quarter moon, it translates to us, here on Earth, as a possibility. this is the beginning.

The moon, which broadcasts through Leo, starting on October 28, is on its way to full; It is destined to become full – as we are destined to become “more” than we are now.

Love may well be our destiny, but getting there takes time and patience. So, in a way, our love life is bearable.

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The way we show love is still…possible. We’re actively heading toward something positive in love, but it’s not here yet…although there’s a promise here that lets us know we’ll make it—as written in the stars.

So, for now, we might be in a bit of a deadlock. We may not find it so easy to express the love we hold in our hearts. We may not have the courage yet, to be able to show affection.

Oh, the intent is there, that’s for sure — but the work didn’t become a reality. For some signs, it is difficult to express love or show affection during the quarter moon in Leo. Leo is a great social constellation that lets us know that if we at least start the love engine, it will be boisterous in no time.

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