3 Zodiac Signs Want to Break Up During the Scorpio Season Starting October 28, 2021

As we delve deeper into the season of Scorpio, which began on the 23rd, we’re starting to feel the power of this particular constellation, and one week makes all the difference.

We’re no longer on the cusp of scale – we’re in the Dark Country now, and when things get dark, we struggle. In love, our tolerance levels are now at an all-time low, which means – we can’t tolerate anything or anyone. Humanity is not at its best.

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This is the season of separation. Scorpio, although a very intelligent and cunning sign, is still the most violent and insulting sign we have, and in love, all we can say is “fuggedaboudit.”

It doesn’t happen—and if you’re thinking of breaking up with someone, think about it.

And then, there is a suggestion: do you want to break up with someone? If you read this question – it will remain in your mind as a seed, and before you know it, it will be a top priority on your list.

If you’re unhappy with your relationship, you won’t be able to see anything redeemable in it, and as it is, you’ll want to break up as soon as you can get the nerve to make it so…which it should be almost immediately.

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