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4 month old baby snack names

The names of snacks for a 4-month-old child through the Fikra website, every mother seeks to give her child the appropriate meals that help him grow, and there is no doubt that every mother seeks to try to give the child the appropriate food and get out of the breastfeeding cycle starting from the fourth month, through snacks It is suitable for this young age who begins preparing for food, which is what we are dealing with in this topic.

feeding time

Snacks for a 4 month old baby

  • There is no doubt that the child from the beginning of birth depends entirely on breastfeeding from the mother, whether natural or even artificial, but breastfeeding is an essential and necessary thing.
  • As breastfeeding gives the child all the required nutrients and is light on the stomach and helps him grow.
  • But with the progression of the months and the growth of the child, breastfeeding at the time becomes insufficient to give the child the necessary energy, as he must get additional appropriate food, and this feeding begins gradually from the fourth month.

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Eating periods from the fourth month

  • From the fourth month, the child begins to eat some snacks at short intervals, as the mother begins with him little by little while continuing to breastfeed.
  • Then things start to go the other way, which is to reduce breastfeeding with the increase in the growth of the child and the passage of months, and an increase in the other food.
  • And the less breastfeeding is relatively, the more food from the other side is relatively, so that the child gets all the required nutrients besides getting used to the food in a relative proportion and not all at once.

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Snacks for a 4 month old baby

  • There are many snacks that the mother can start with the baby from the fourth month, such as pears, potatoes and peas.
  • You can also resort to apples, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, bananas, avocados, oats and rice.
  • Taking care to give the child those meals, boiled and mashed, and in small quantities at first, and begin to increase gradually, while maintaining breast milk constantly at the beginning because it will still be the main one at the time.
  • Cerelac meals that are available in pharmacies can also be used and prepared with breast milk in order to prepare the child for other food.

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Light juices for the baby at the fourth month

Snacks for a 4 month old baby

  • In addition to the appropriate food for the child in the fourth month, he must be given many fluids and juices appropriate at this age.
  • These juices are carrot juice and orange juice because they contain many vitamins that form a strong immunity to the body, such as vitamin C and vitamin A.
  • You can also use apple juice, which contains a large amount of minerals and iron required for the health and body of the child, starting from that stage, which is the fourth month.

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Forbidden foods for children

  • There are many foods that are forbidden to give to a child until he reaches the age of one year, and therefore as long as the child has not reached the age of one, he is prohibited from these foods.
  • Among those meals and foods, cow and buffalo milk, which is very heavy on the stomach of a child at that age and causes allergies and other problems for a child under one year.
  • Also, honey, sugar and salt should be avoided and replaced with other things until the child reaches the age of one year, such as natural dates, for example.
  • In addition to proteins, the child should stay away from them at that age because the stomach is not ready to digest them at the moment.

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At the end of this topic, we wish safety and prevention for all of our children, and we welcome your comments and promise a quick response.

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