7 million dead and a third of the country destroyed … How is Iraq inspired by Germany’s experience to rise after the war?

Most Iraqis believe that the worst event that happened to them during the current century is the American occupation of their country in 2003, which toppled the regime and the state and dragged the country into social, economic and political disasters that we are still living through. Many of them believe that the Americans came to absorb the country’s goods and share its wealth with the rest of the regional and international powers and weave conspiracies. Against the people and the division of the country, and most of these accusations are not without validity, but these (believers of the conspiracy theory) ignore the most destructive events in contemporary history that other countries have experienced and recovered from within a few years. World War II.

Do not hurry – dear objector – by your refusal to compare Iraq to Germany. Be patient with me a little, to tell you in numbers how you came out of the war defeated in the middle of 1945:

– More than 7 million German civilians and military dead (about 9% of the population).

– Two-thirds of the country was destroyed – especially Berlin and the big cities – entire villages were wiped out, thousands of tons of rubble collected, most factories were destroyed, and farms were bulldozed.

– The division of Germany in Conference “Potsdam” To four regions administered by the Allies (America, the Soviet Union, Britain, and France), and later East Germany and West Germany resulted.

Germany conceded accordingly For the conference 25% of its territory is in the interest of Poland and the Soviet Union.

About 8 million German prisoners of war, the majority of whom were kept as forced laborers, to rebuild the countries destroyed by Germany, did not return until years later.

– the revenge of German nationalism andAround 12 million people were expelled Of German origin from different parts of Europe and their transfer to Germany, most of them are women, children and the elderly, of whom more than half a million people died due to ill-treatment and the lack of shelter for them in Germany.

Imposing compensation in favor of states and individuals affected by Germany, worth About 27 billion dollars (The current equivalent of $ 625 billion) Germany paid in installments that lasted about 60 years.

Eliminating the Nazis that ruled Germany for more than 12 years and changing the laws, regulations and educational curricula that it established, as well as dismantling the German army and security services.

– The Allies considered the Germans collectively guilty of German war crimes, thousands of Nazis were arrested, tried, and some were sentenced to prison and death sentences, and all Germans – including anti-Nazis – were subjected to thorough investigations and massive political terrorism.

Military and major factories and railways were dismantled and taken as compensation for the Allies, and attempts were made to transform Germany into an agricultural country with a weak economy away from industry (This plan was adopted by Henry Morgenthau. US Secretary of the Treasury, and later rejected by US President “Truman” because it repeats the same mistake that caused the war).

– The value of the German currency collapsed and became worthless, and the Germans bartered for crops, products, and cigarettes, unemployment and poverty spread, the standard of living decreased, the lack of food, and the inflation rate rose to levels not seen in Germany before.

The Allies have confiscated large amounts of patents, trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property, currently worth about $ 300 billion, as part of the war reparations.

The miracle of advancing … and breaking the wall of impotence

This quick summary of Germany’s situation after the war does not compare with the losses and destruction in Iraq after the occupation in any way, economically, politically, socially and militarily. Although there are some similar angles, Germany, which was subject to totalitarian national rule, has become administered by politicians subject to the allies, in the western part. Among them are Christian religious parties loyal to Western regimes supported by business owners and capital, and in the eastern part of them are communists loyal to the tyrannical eastern neighbor (the Soviet Union) supported by craftsmen, workers and professionals.

The question that concerns us: After all this massive destruction, heavy losses, victims, and division that afflicted the Germans, how were they able to advance Germany and achieve unity and compete strongly for the political and economic leadership of the world?

The first and basic factor is psychological and social, for the Germans have been exhausted by wars after the other (from the Lutheran wars to the first and second world wars) and they paid a heavy price for social and political bullying and transcendence against human beings, so they left the spirit of revenge and revenge aside and apologized from all the victims who fell at the hands of Hitler’s regime and endured Their moral responsibility towards them, and they had the desire and determination to rebuild their country, and their efforts were combined in cleaning up destroyed cities and removing debris with self-efforts and weak capabilities, and they invested in building the German man and his society anew by paying attention to education and the social, family and health system. Hundreds of scientists, engineers and university professors who fled from Hitler’s inferno to contribute to the reconstruction of Germany.

Despite the sectarian difference in the components of German society at the time (a majority of Protestants by about 58%, followed by Catholics by 40%, later it developed into a growing segment of atheists in East Germany to 25%), the conflict took a political, intellectual and cultural dimension and moved away from social tensions and armed conflicts. A spirit of sacrifice, teamwork, and public interest.

The other factor that established the foundations for the advancement is the political administration with a national will. On the western side of Germany: the Christian Democratic Union (which was established immediately after the war) adopted a policy of rescue and economic recovery led by the chancellor Konrad AdenauerGermany’s economy minister and savior Ludwig Erhard Idea “Social market economy“Who balanced capitalism with socialism.

After only 3 years of the war, the first features of the “German economic miracle” were achieved by issuing the new German franc to eliminate inflation and barter for goods. After 5 years, Germany has returned an economic power that surpasses Britain and competes with America, and the German per capita income reached its pre-war level, and Germany attracted more Of the 14 million immigrants from Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia and Morocco to make up for the labor shortage, After two decades of war, income has risen seven times The wealth per capita tripled, and in the eastern part of Germany, despite being subject to the domination of the Soviets, it achieved industrial and agricultural prosperity that surpassed other socialist countries.

After 4 decades of war, these and other factors resulted in the unification of the two parts of Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall that separated them, and a new state was built on the basis of understanding, agreement and political participation, not domination, exclusion and quotas, and Germany today has become a great power that competes with yesterday’s enemies in the global political and economic arena after That it was subject to them for decades.

The rocks of Bedouin and corruption are unable to make the Iraqis rise

Returning to the above, it is not only the external will that prevents Iraqis today from advancing the reality of their country and enjoying its wealth that Germany does not enjoy. The basic problem lies in the nature of the Iraqi society, which was dominated by the nomadic spirit with its negative side and defeated the spirit of civilization that tried to build the state and its systems. Prevail And love of leadership, leadership and a tendency to fight Clan, sectarian and partisan fanaticism, lack of respect for laws, disdain from obedience and submission to the state, and contempt for professions, industry and agriculture in exchange for plundering and plundering, in addition to the spread of scientific, religious and political illiteracy, the spread of corruption and other factors that crouch above the chest of Iraqi society and prevent it from reviving despite the passage of nearly two decades of the American occupation of their country. .

Refuge in Germany today has become the dream of many Iraqis looking for security, tranquility and free and comfortable living, and if they left the world of dreams and rose up hard and removed the rocks of ignorance and backwardness that impeded their rise, Iraq would have become a paradise that the Germans wish they would obtain a share of its goods as they dreamed of yesterday, and the uprising has begun against Indeed, the bitter reality, but it needs Iraqi planning, length and deliberation that is similar to the German counterpart.

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