875 light towers illuminate holy places during the Hajj

The Holy Capital Congregation has completed the maintenance and equipping of the lighting units in Mecca Al-Mukarramah and the Holy Places in preparation for this year’s Hajj season.

She told Al that the holy places have 875 lighting towers at various heights, 3,214 lighting poles at various heights, in addition to 353 electrical distribution boards, while the lighting statistics in all parts of Mecca Al-Mukarramah revealed the presence of 120,000 lighting units installed on the masts of the network, 110,000 lighting masts and towers and 1900 electrical distribution boards.

The Secretariat also confirmed the full supervision of the lighting maintenance in Mecca and the Holy Places by an integrated technical staff of engineers, overseers and technicians, whose job it is to oversee the administration and the field service around the clock for everything related to the lighting network .

Maintenance team

The maintenance team inspects the lighting units and undertakes to replace the damaged internal parts of the lighting units, including lightbulbs, converters, etc., and the network lanterns are checked and the integrity of the wires connected to the internal components is checked.The team also maintains electrical distribution boards and constantly inspects the Boards to ensure continuity.

The work of the maintenance team is not limited to this, but conducts field visits around the clock to check the function of these panels and to initiate the repair of a sudden failure of the components of the panels and to ensure their safety and maintenance of light poles and all components of the towers , Inspection of the towers of the towers and carrying out the necessary repairs, in addition to regular maintenance of electrical equipment.


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