A cheap drug saves a million people with corona in the world … Trump used it and became an effective treatment against the virus

So far, the cheap drug dexamethasone has helped save the lives of an estimated one million people worldwide from the disease caused by the Coronavirus, including 22,000 people in Britain, to turn into an effective treatment against the virus, thanks to a huge drug testing program invented by British scientists.

Extensive experience with dexamethasone

This program, which I called Recovery, was The world’s largest trial of randomly-selected drugs To treat Covid-19, it was launched in March 2020 to assess the success of a group of different drugs in helping people with HIV who are being treated in hospitals.

Thousands of doctors and nurses conducted this study on tens of thousands of hospital patients in Britain, according to a newspaper The Guardian British, Tuesday 23 March 2021.

The newspaper notes that with the emergence of the Corona pandemic in late 2019, Peter Horby, an infectious disease expert at the University of Oxford, began testing Covid drugs in Wuhan.

But studies were postponed after the infections in China ended, thanks to the tight lockdown restrictions at a time when cases began to appear in Europe.

Horby then teamed up with his Oxford colleague Martin Landray, a professor of medicine and epidemiology, to launch the recovery program, and it took them only nine days to craft the first protocol for registering the first patient, a process that typically takes nine months.

Less than a hundred days after the start of the program, the experimenters came to an amazing conclusion: the first drug that significantly increases the chances of survival from the Corona virus.

Dexamethasone, a widely available and affordable steroid, has been shown to reduce the risk of death by a third in Corona patients who use ventilators, and by nearly a fifth for those receiving oxygen therapy.

“It was difficult to know how many lives this drug might save, because we did not know the course of the pandemic, or the acceptability of these results,” said Horby.

Optimism about results

The results have won universal acclaim and acceptance, and although Britain has come under fire for its slow initial response to the pandemic and failed testing programs, Praises poured in Scholars must recover for their remarkable efforts in fighting the disease.

Horby also said that it was clear that “dexamethasone had a huge effect. A million numbers are big … an estimate that could be lower or higher. We don’t know.”

she was Who has been praised In June 2020, in an investigation she described as a “scientific breakthrough”, in her comment on the drug dexamethasone, according to Reuters.

Also, former US President Donald Trump had also taken the drug when he was infected with Corona, and dexamethasone is used to treat immune system dysfunctions, infections, breathing problems and other conditions by reducing the body’s natural defense response, which can respond in an exaggerated manner, causing additional problems.

The estimates indicated by the National Health Service in England are also scheduled to be published on Tuesday 23 March, and have been based on a study It was published in Nature Communications last month.

The study estimated that the drug contributed to saving the lives of about 12,000 people in the United Kingdom between July and December 2020, and the researchers wrote that this means about 650,000 people worldwide during the same period.

But the authors of the study pointed out that clinical research in low- and middle-income countries with little access to oxygen and / or ventilators is the key to obtaining a more accurate estimate of the number of lives saved by the use of dexamethasone.

“I think the paper clearly says there are a lot of assumptions, and more research is needed to clarify how these benefits translate into different settings,” says Horby.

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