A deep gap between generations … How do we survive a black hole?

The acceleration of events and the amazing and rapid development of the technical sciences during the last hundred years, which the human sciences have not been able to keep up with, by virtue of that they are mostly dependent on the interactions of this evolution with the human factor over time, so that patient observation of the effects of this interaction and its results draws the human side of this renaissance. This justified slowdown has contributed to the formation of a kind of inability to properly judge the rationalization of ethics, principles, rights and duties, which are usually organized by the human, societal, legal and philosophical sciences.

In light of the frightening convergence of times resulting from the tremendous technical development, the human social dimension has come under the weight of severe and dangerous pressure that has led to a remarkable shortcoming that resembles paralysis … which reverses the known scales upside down and pushes humanity towards decline, but rather to fall into a far-reaching bottom .. where Life has become so practical that it is devoid of its name … a digital torrent sweeping that does not allow those who are intercepted to enjoy meditation.

An electronic noise surrounding us from all sides obscures from us the whispers of the literary sense .. In ancient times the gap between the generations undoubtedly existed .. but it was a gap that could be closed relatively easily .. as soon as the father extended his hand to the son or the son extended his hand to his father .. the two generations are the values The same … values ​​that are derived from the constants of society and the surrounding environment from a narrow geography and a limited demography that is limited to the family and neighbors and may extend beyond the neighborhood or even the city .. But the feet of the two generations are still on the same ground and the distance between them is easy .. with simple steps on a clear path with well-defined faces. The features of the two generations can converge..As for today, the gap between the two generations is further than we can imagine .. and the gap is profound … The factors affecting today’s generation, with all this technical momentum, are variable to an unimaginable extent, and it is difficult to keep pace with these variables from the previous generation where it appears. It is as if the two generations live in different dimensions and there is no room for them to meet .. Even if the old generation wants to keep pace with today’s generation, it will not be able to do so .. The speed of time flowing in the dimension in which the new generation lives makes it impossible for the parents’ generation to catch up with them and leave them imprisoned. Their distance, watching with sadness and anguish, the separation of the generation of children from them at a speed that they have never experienced before.

And it is only years .. until the gap becomes a mythical, more like a black hole swallowing the generation of grandchildren, and the eyes of parents and perhaps grandparents look helpless and anxious.

One day, one of my sons saw me while I was busy putting the finishing touches to an article for me that I would publish on my Facebook page .. so he smiled and said to me: “You are still using Facebook! .. This is good for grandparents .. I advise you to keep up with technology.” Then he went away to leave me immersed in meditation .. If my son is in the eighth grade, he advises me to keep up with technical progress, and I am a communications and electronics engineer, an expert in the field of digital technology .. What do you think my niece will say to her father, a dentist ?!

Despite the bleakness of this vision, our generation of fathers should not succumb to this reality and deal with it with conscious follow-up and smart flexibility .. Whoever believes that today’s generation may obtain information by referring to sources, reading references and reading the mothers of books is separate from reality .. and from He thinks that traditional reading is a passion for science or a request for pleasure that is still flourishing among this generation, then he is overly optimistic .. And whoever did not realize until now that the key to addressing this generation lies in the short, quick, focused, embellished information .. a few phrases that arrive at the idea or a video clip that does not exceed One minute reduces the information … This is how we can communicate with the Twitter generation with counted letters and the Snapchat generation with short, hurried scenes.

It is the duty of parents today to enrich the space of thought in the minds of their children and break the deadlock of digital dealings with literary touches that tickle human emotions, taking into account that the matter is done with carefully targeted doses .. brief enough .. very interesting .. so today’s reality imposes itself .. and our children like it or not Our father lives within a digital bubble that surrounds them from every side .. it is impossible to isolate them from it .. and the wise fathers do not seek to pull his son out of this bubble, but rather tries to penetrate intelligently to pass the necessary doses of literature, humanities and values ​​to the joy of his isolated liver, willingly or unwillingly within this bubble.

One of the most dangerous and darker aspects of technological progress is its tyranny on the human side and its preference for the materialities of life over values ​​.. Just as previous generations are eager to join the current generations .. the human sciences are striving to catch up with the ethics of the generation of optical fiber flashes, so that they may be able to transmit the remnants of a soul in what was known as the human soul before To transform into a numeric, vague, vague entity … wandering in a world that no longer resembles the world we were born into.

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