A historic market in northern Saudi Arabia that has had a unique architectural style for 300 years

A historic market in the middle of the old town in Tayma Governorate – north of Saudi Arabia – and near the archaeological well of Hadaj, has existed for more than 300 years and has not been overlooked by the urban expansion, maintaining its old urban form and appearance stayed.

The historical market “Al-Najem” contains the castle “Ali Al-Najem”, which consists of two floors, the lower and the upper, the Al-Najem gate, which borders with many adobe houses, and a corridor with a length of 350 m The market is surrounded by old farms.

The photographer and “Abdul Ilah Al-Faris”, who is interested in archaeological sites, documented all the details of this market and told that the market is one of the historical tourist attractions in the Tabuk region that is visited by many tourists since it incorporates the cultural aspect, our ancient heritage, of buildings and walls that reflect the deep history of the place and the city of Tayma, known for the breadth and diversity of its archaeological sites and its strategic geographical location considering the city of great Meaning that made it a cultural station since ancient times.


To the facilities of the historic Al Najem market

Market item

Al-Faris said: The site is the gate of the Souq Al-Najem, which is one of the oldest gates made of tamarisk wood and palm trunks and contains a small window for entry next to the so-called (the crawl). , this is a small corridor that allows a person to crawl into it, and it is usually used to enter people at night after they put their gun over the sled.

He added: “Al-Najem Castle is one of the oldest castles in Tayma and contains many architectural elements such as (Al-Katala), a guard and defense tower during war and sieges, and the Pyrenees, which are aesthetically triangles at the top the wall to adorn the facade of buildings and it is a model of the old houses for construction in Tayma; the men’s council and the divan that serves as the foyer of the manor house, and it is known that the facade of the divan faces north is to soften the atmosphere in summer, in addition to the (level) which is the kitchen and (the shed) which is an upper room normally used in summer.


Historic Al-Najem Market Gate

Urban market symbol

The market has urban significance and is considered a realistic and rare model in traditional architectural style in Tayma over the past two centuries, people built the market from the natural materials available to them in the city and it was unique in a unique urban style, and it is still an icon of Tayma’s urban heritage.


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