A letter to a serious reader

Dear serious reader ..

At some point, you may discover that the person who finds a flies in front of his face is unjustifiably imbued with him, a lucky person, as he found a living being that has the right to fight with him without worrying about his feelings and without feeling upset by such an argument, even if that living being is just a fly. And you can easily find an inanimate object in which you breathe your anger, that is very easy, a cup that breaks it, a wall that breaks it, even a painting that you paint in colors that reflects all the anger inside you so that it becomes a beautiful thing later.

Sometimes, dear, you may not find anything but a void to speak, create a world of fictional characters, draw their features on paper and talk them a little, then they soon disappear, leaving the scene for them to talk to themselves while you are spying, and what pleasure is more beautiful than watching the struggles of others without being concerned Interfering, maybe that’s why sadists like wrestling matches. A moment you liked Sadists Really wrestling ?! I don’t know, but what is important? I am here to speak, create an illusion and sell it to you under the name of literature or art.

Do you know, my dear, that the most beautiful thing in the stories is that they are a copy of the sadism of the writer who was visited by the devil of emptiness and decided to take revenge on those busy with his life in a way that is more torture for them and more pleasure for him? He decided to distract them from themselves with personalities similar to others, others who hate or others that they wish, or to enter into their minds under the name of poetry to name beauty according to his concept, not according to their feelings, to flirt with their deficiencies under the clause of praise or to expose the same deficiencies under the slogan of revealing The facts are without his feeling of fear of confrontation or bearing responsibility for the harm that would befall someone’s mind if he believed all the nonsense in his novel or his poem.

Do you know that most of the true writers are empty, alone, a cloudy unit overburdened with worries in a clear sky that decided to take revenge on two lovers who sprinkle the grass and it rained down to spoil their outing, and they were too nave who enjoyed that revenge? Real writers often write for themselves, not for the public, freeing themselves from its wrath, so that they can continue their miserable journey of life, freeing themselves and burdening others with these worries.

It is not surprising that the writer’s concerns at some point have become a philosophical article worthy of discussion, but it is really strange that it is discussed under the societal concerns reflected by the genius writer! As if the void is genius.


They say that a successful novelist is a philosopher who was aborted in the womb of life and became a writer! Perhaps he was really like this. He is a truly dead fetus, a pure philosopher who tried to search for life, so the question shocked him once about the truth of religion and the other about its delusion! And the opposites searched for the essence of the truth, for something between illusion and extremism in understanding! He searched for the truth of religion when he did not find what quenched his thirst, the truth of love when his heart collapsed in front of an innocent desire to smile, addicted to silence about his spin as much as he flirted with others, the truth of politics when society shocked him and rejected his patronage.

The philosopher is a person who failed in front of a dilemma, so he searched for the truth of the solution! As for the writer, he is the one who failed a double failure, failed to be a philosopher and to find the essence of the truth, creating an illusion, laying down his dilemmas and solving them himself, to create for himself a false glory carried on the shoulders of imaginary figures who have nothing to do with the essence of the truth .. Is that not the truth?

The truth of every writer who writes a story that has nothing to do with reality, about a general suffering a hernia somewhere in his body, or a father who decided to turn lead into gold, but his dynasty gave birth to the first child with a pig’s tail on the face of the earth!

Another writer, the struggles of his town, consumed his soul, so he decided to argue with God in his story, and he was not satisfied with that, but he needed those whom God sent. Another writer, the one whose homeland was wounded by the dagger of war so much, decided to draw the female as she wanted, wandering among the beds and bragging about it, that is, beauty in Treason?!

Nothing, so we must call it love, passion, passion, to find a philosophical justification for failure in our respect for chastity, so we dress it when we betray more luxurious things, decorate the face of failure with more longing preparations and give its eyes something of the glimmer of sadness, sadness always earns its owner something of dignity, now the image has become More wonderful, betrayal is more accepting than before.

She is a sad woman, her husband is a bad general. Love visited her in the most wonderful way, so she avenged her homeland from the general by betraying him with another man in another bed! Is she not a fighter ?! She is really a fighter, a bed fighter, and is there a better struggle than that ?!

Yes, there is what is more beautiful for the protagonist of the novel to be a fighter against God, meaning more correctly, taking revenge on the gods who left him alone with a cold knife as a sacrifice quenching their thirst in a world full of intellectual nonsense and human problems, why did the gods not intervene when the boy was slaughtered ?! Thus happened himself, why did the Lord not show his might and leave him wandering and struggling alone? So he asked.

Why, why and why? In the midst of all this, he decided to take revenge, to burn all ships between himself and life, to burn life itself, did the Lord not create this miserable life ?! So I’ll burn it like this he said or so shouted the famous protagonist.

The most famous stories are based on the duality of justified revenge, even if it is from the Creator.

The disaster, my dear, that its writer may not have been aware that he poisons the minds, that he is pushing every angry over his life to a zero-sum struggle with the Creator of that life, perhaps the writer was simpler than imagining that his words would make that conflict, or perhaps he was more malicious than we think, so he led the crowds revolting against He turned life into a war that he wished to do, but he who was too timid could not! In both cases, it affected you or another person somewhat, but what if you realized, dear serious reader, that the novelist is emptying some of the emptiness in the story in order to entertain himself?

What if you told yourself that real life is told by logs of trees much more than singing poetry describing the beauty of spring!

What if I impersonate the writer? And I wrote a lot of nonsense about describing the halves of the cups filled with bitter honey decorated with red garnets presented to Queen Srinuela (the soaked king of sonnetta) as an antidote to fighting intestinal worms?

The last line is pure nonsense! Who is Srinwela, the king of Sunnita sunken ?!

I don’t know, but I know very well that, dear reader, you can base a wonderful mock story on this line.

Fictitious stories are easy and smooth enough to describe at length, to drown the audience in the imagination, to use the aesthetics of the language as a metaphor or metaphor, or even to use strange words that are not part of the language in anything.

It suffices to hover around nothing, write nonsense here, make illusions there, keep doing that for a few seventy pages and then turn to your audience that is trying hard to understand all of that, to understand what you did not understand and tell it in a dramatic plot, as if that queen married a general in The army of the jinn, and the curse of the worm struck her. She was rotting internally and caused her kingdom to rot internally when the jinn were brought into it from the widest gates.

Continue the sermon and put together a few stories about love, readers will love it, mention something about the protector of the holy fire, readers also love metaphysical things even if they are atheists, it is okay to deviate from the text and directly project your problems, your failure for example in marriage, make that a reason For betrayal of the queen (the queen betrays the kingdom because she did not find a man who loved her in it, and only the jinn who appreciated her), or your financial need also serves as a reason for betrayal (the queen’s greed for the treasures of the jinn led her to betrayal)

You will find an entrance to plant your problems without the public knowing anything about it. Put the loads off your shoulders and put them on. Make them think about the reality of the queen and where did the worms come from? Is it unjust or wronged? Is she the perpetrator or the victim? And always conclude the paragraphs with a question about worms? Gain the text a bit of blurring, try to appear philosophical or a bit moral, make your reader an example aware of the inevitability of karma, God as you like, the masses love it and critics will talk about your genius in planting good morals and calling for it for years. Be confident of your nonsense.

My dear spoke in vague words about the purity of the kingdom’s crimson sun, or the beauty of the fescue grass. Is there a color called it soar ?! Not important who cares! Here you are imagining, and the most beautiful thing in the imagination is that no one has the right to ask logical questions about him. Go on, dear, and then finish your story as you want, either with the victory of the worms or the victory of medicine, in all final cases it does not mean anything if compared to the two hundred pages that were written in the description of the swimming worm Among the members of the Queen, what you wanted to say, you said, she created the characters, dressed her what she liked, cut her hair or painted it, distributed it in the void as you imagine, made her speak whenever she liked to be silent at another time.

You did all of this and you were amused a lot. You are now completely separate from your reality that is empty or full of problems that hinder you from life, a hindrance that makes life and emptiness one thing.

You have made your toys as children make their toys and dolls, and you played as you want, but there is a more beautiful stage waiting unlike the children whose fun ends when their play ends, but you dear double your enjoyment when others read your nonsense! When they argue over the aesthetics or ugliness of what I wrote, or when they cry over the shock or the beauty of the word, the most wonderful when someone tells you that your writing reflects his life. Then you will feel that you are not only manipulating the fictitious characters but also the living.

And in order to catch the role, you will pretend that the tragedy of a friend was the one that inspired the story, or that a dream that visited you on a moonlit summer night led you to that text, you will silence and manage it if you realize that you are presenting nonsense and selling it, but the real tragedy, dear serious reader, is that writing turns you into an illusory writer To think as the crowd thought you were really a wonderful person, then (confuse you) your phantom characters, and worms will invade inside you as the queen invaded, who told you to believe the text demon and believe in it? This is your curse dear, worms will eat you as they eat your phantom queen, if it is a fake then you are delusional. who knows? Perhaps you will survive all this and finally turn from a serious reader to a mature writer.

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