A park holds video encounters between monkeys

He said a report published by the newspaper The Guardian The British on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, that a zoo in the Czech Republic has resorted to holding video meetings of chimpanzees, to compensate them for the lack of visitors’ interaction with them due to the closure that was caused by the Corona virus.

The zoo’s action wasn’t expecting a positive result, and even the chimpanzees enjoyed linking them together online.

Encounters between monkeys in the park

The park, which closed its doors to the public in December due to restrictions imposed against the background of the emerging coronavirus pandemic, has resorted to video encounters between chimpanzees in the Dvor Kralove safari park, and monkeys at the Brno Zoo, 150 kilometers away.

These daily encounters were to monitor the daily life of the monkeys, and the garden provided giant screens in front of the monkeys for them to see each other.

The surprising thing is that monkeys do not cause any problems as a result of these encounters. For example, disasters like what happen when you forget to press the shutdown button, because the sound is basically closed.

But there has already been a lot of interest in what the distant monkeys are doing since the project began last week.

Interact in front of screens

Site USA TODAY “At first the monkeys approached the screen with defensive or threatening gestures, and there was interaction with them,” Gabriela Lienhartova, the monkey keeper in Dvor Kralove, 135 kilometers east of the capital Prague, was quoted.

She added, “Since then, the monkeys have moved to a more similar reaction to” Here I am on the screen “or” Here I am watching TV. “And when you see tense situations, they rise up like us when we jump off the sofa when we watch a sports match.

On the other hand, chimpanzees also perform other human behaviors, such as eating snacks like nuts while watching screens.

In return, the video interviews will be broadcast on the Safari Park website, and the experiment will be evaluated at the end of March, at which time the guards will assess whether they should continue with it.

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