A racist “whisper” causes violent quarrel, and “UEFA” is investigating the incident

The European Football Association (UEFA) said, Friday, March 19, 2021, that it is investigating events that took place during the match between Rangers and Slavia Prague, in the European League, after Finnish Glen Camara complained of racist abuse by one of the guest players in the match that his team lost 2 0 in Glasgow.

Rangers were knocked out of the tournament by losing 3-1 in the aggregate result of the first-leg matches, after defeating the second leg of the round of sixteen, during a tense match that he completed with nine players and which witnessed clashes in the field and the tunnel leading to the dressing room after its end.

The UEFA statement said: “An investigator of the Discipline and Values ​​Committee will conduct an investigation into the incidents that occurred.”

Whisper “racism causes quarrels.”

Camara was angry after Ondre Cudela whispered something in his ear and spoke to him while placing his hand on his mouth, which led to the two players clashing before the end of the match.

The Scottish champion completed the match with nine men after Kimar Roveh and Lyon Balogne were sent off.

Rangers coach Stephen Gerrard called on UEFA to take a stand on what happened.

Gerrard said, “My player told me that he was racially insulted. I feel angry … I know Glenn and I trust him 100 percent, and it is very disappointing. It’s up to UEFA now and I hope it will not be overlooked.”

In a statement issued by Slavia, Codilla said he threatened a Rangers player after being fouled, but denied using racist language.

The statement added that Camara assaulted Kudela after the match, and the defender explained that what he whispered to the Finnish player was not a racist insult.

The Czech club denies it

The Czech club added: “Slavia strongly denies this disgusting accusation (against) Onndre Kudela of racial abuse … Slavia’s players were subjected to unprecedented damage from the opponent. After the end of the match the players were not allowed to enter the dressing room. Ondri Kudela was attacked by Camara and received a blow to the head,” Rangers coach Stephen Gerrard saw the incident. “

The attacker, Rove, was also subjected to racist insults on social media after his expulsion, for interfering with Slavia goalkeeper Andre Kolar.

Slavia said that his bodyguard sustained a large wound to the head as a result and required ten stitches to the head.

UEFA said that it is aware of what happened between the players of the two teams in the tunnel leading to the dressing rooms, and that he is awaiting further information from the match officials.

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