A Saudi has been holding dinosaur bones for 40 years

Little did he know, in Saudi language, that his interest in cultural heritage will continue half a century ago until today, when his family inherited the distinctive cultural heritage pieces and assigned them a museum in an area of ​​about 7000 meters that includes the rarest pieces of various kinds, and the museum contains a rare piece of dinosaur bone.

Faisal Al-Faidi, owner of the Al-Manakhah Cultural Heritage Museum in Amlaj in northwestern Saudi Arabia, told “Our museum is the first to be inaugurated in Umluj Governorate, and it was. ” The museum was founded in 1436 AD by the parents of Major General Dr. Musaed Salama Al-Faidi founded. May God have mercy on him. The museum was named after this name because the camels used “tanukh” which means they sit next to this place because it is next to an ancient water source. “

He added, “The museum aims to preserve the legacy and introduce generations to what parents and grandparents owned and the livelihoods of the past.” His father has been searching for and collecting rare pieces of heritage in the preservation of heritage for 40 years because of his interest.

Al-Faidi explained that the museum also contains a historical library, clothing, folklore, old cars and many other items that reflect the ancient history of Amalaj.

He said, “The museum contains rare archaeological and historical pieces, including the bones of a dinosaur that is 650 million years old, and there are Himyarite-era stone daggers, and there is also the first Saudi currency that was not in circulation at all It dates from AD 1354 and contains several sections in the museum, it contains many pieces such as old vehicles, weapons, stone carvings, old newspapers and the naval corner with its contents and some anecdotes.


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