A Saudi has been hunting rare insects for 15 years … Why?

A Saudi photojournalist has been traveling between the regions of the kingdom for more than 15 years in search of rare and exotic insects in many of their settlements with the aim of using high-quality “macro” technology, the distinctive and creative use of high-quality technology by showing the beauty of the insects and theirs Introduces styles and virtues differently.


A rare species of insect

The photojournalist, member of the culture and art association, Adel Mohamed, told Al “I am passionate about photographing insects of all types and shapes, looking for their species, observing their behavior and knowing their place of origin with the aim of knowing to pass on to others and to provide a great amount of information for insects that I document in many places especially in the Fifa Mountains, Al Baha, Jeddah, Taif, Jazan, Asir, the highlands of the Sarawat Mountains and other places.


black butterfly

He added: I moved between the edges of swamps, within farms and between forests, looking for them on leaves, flowers and roses to observe and photograph many types of insects, including dragonflies, praying mantis and coleopteran beetles as well Butterflies, green locusts, red wasps and locusts.

The photographer Adel pointed out that certain insects can be found in every region and every season. In summer, the July beetle appears, which is more specialized in figs. There are many insect behaviors that have a strong impact on the ecological balance, and most of these insects appear in summer, are widespread, and are non-toxic.


High resolution insect photography


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