A Saudi island combines coral reefs and pristine beaches

A Saudi island wore a camel dress and a nature suitable for fishing, swimming and diving enthusiasts due to its pristine nature and unique terrain through beautiful white sand beaches.

Marka Island is located on the coast of the Asir region – one of the islands of the Al-Barak Governorate in southwest Saudi Arabia, famous for its diversity of plants and coral reefs.

The tour guide, Abdullah Al-Shahrani, told The coasts of Al-Birk Governorate are famous for being home to many islands, the most famous and beautiful of which is Marka Island, which is distinguished by the presence of another distinguishes a small lake in it.

Untouched beaches on the island of Marka

He added: “There are 8 rocky islands around this island and the most prominent features of the island are the presence of some attractive intricately carved rocks among the many coral reefs. The island also enjoys a hot climate in summer and mild in winter. “

The way to Marka

He said: “The island of Marca is 20 km from the beach while the distance by boat is 30 minutes and if you stop on the island you will see soft white beaches surrounded by a number of small islands and there are Plants, mostly grass, mangroves and rare sponges. ”


Nature and beauty united on the island of Marka

On the way to Marka Island, tourists can enjoy some hobbies, especially the nature of the island and taking photos of dolphins, diving to see coral reefs or relaxing on the picturesque beaches, and you can also watch different species of seabirds, such as: seagull , Crescent moon, flamingo and bird The hunter, a bird that lays its eggs in grooves in the ground in summer

It is noteworthy that the island belongs to the Al-Barak governorate and is called Barak Al-Ghammad, and it is one of the governorates of the Asir region, on the west coast road in southwestern Saudi Arabia, and is located in the Tihama region on the Red Sea coast .


Clear water and coral reefs


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