A Saudi sculptor transforms his philosophical studies into creative sculptures

A Saudi philosophy and psychology specialist was able to use his sculptural talent to transform models into a creative world and unique style until he became a researcher and practitioner in the world of rock and marble sculpture for more than twenty years.

The sculptor Khaled Al-Anqari told “I have been fascinated by the processes of collecting and acquiring stones, especially those that have artistic shapes, since childhood and I have spent a long time doing the art of sculpture exploring, reading research and books and watching videos on sculpture and ways of getting started, and during this extensive research, I have gathered a great deal of technical material on stone and rock carving, and I have learned what kinds of stones are possible to be carved and shaped .

He added, “In 1994-1995 I created my first work of art, which was an abstract form, and the work was brought out with full artistic standards, and I offered the work to critics, visual artists, and sculptors, and they gave to me encouraging words that “motivated me to keep going and make great strides”

Among the most prominent art inspirations that Al-Anqari spoke about is nature, he said: “These inspirations include the beauty of nature, the formations of mountains and natural rocks, and a large number of natural sculptures in the cities of Dawadmi by the sculptor Abdullah Al-Abdullatif, may God have mercy on him. “

One of the works of the sculptor Khaled Al-Anqari

Art is an expression of patriotism and belonging

Al-Anqari said, “I see my sculptural practice as a source of pride and honor in representing the nation and helping to achieve its aspirations.”

He continued: “The sculptor must initially have a desire and passion to practice art, a high degree of patience and perseverance and an artistic sense of touch and consideration, decision-making and taste, as well as viewing, researching and reading about the art of sculpture, which differs in style from the rest of the arts; with flat shapes like photography, but also three-dimensional stereoscopic shapes, we find that the artistic joy associated with sculptural work comes not just from looking at it, but also from touching it and stereoscopic movement.

One of the works of the sculptor Khaled Al-Anqari

One of the works of the sculptor Khaled Al-Anqari

History of sculpture

Al-Anqari continued, “Sculptures play a key role in the consolidation of civilizations thousands of years ago. If we want to build a civilization that will outlast history, we have to document it through sculpture and the embodiment of values ​​in sculptures and paintings. Works of art. “

He added, “The level of Saudi sculpture is still in its early stages as it has needed more support for hundreds of years due to the importance of this art in embodying the nation’s accomplishments and symbols and for its continuity.”

Embodiment of ideas

Commenting on the embodiment of the ideas of the sculptures, the Saudi artist commented: “The idea takes all the details, then I draw them and choose a piece of stone that fits the idea with dimensions, size, weight and color, then I start adding to its space plan and distribute, then I make the decision to cut, move and shape the void, and I keep working towards their final results. ” .

From the work of the sculptor Khaled Al-Anqari

From the work of the sculptor Khaled Al-Anqari

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