A terrible video from Asir .. a truck crushes cars and two people die

A truck crushed a group of cars parked at traffic lights in Asirah in southern Saudi Arabia when it lost control, leaving 4 injured and two dead. As a result, a video clip documented the incident on social media and received high views. describes the terrible scene.

The video of the accident, which occurred on Monday near Abha Road, more precisely at the traffic light known as “Adram’s Signal”, showed a number of vehicles stopping at the traffic light before a speeding truck came from behind and with Vehicles violently collided The accident caused severe damage to several people, and the ambulance teams of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority started the construction site immediately.

While the official spokesman for the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in the Asir region, Ahmed Al-Ma’i, said the Red Crescent Authority operations center in the region received a report of a collision in Mahayel Governorate at 9:38 a.m. tomorrow, and instantly got three Red Crescent ambulance teams escorted to the scene and when the teams arrived it was found that there were four casualties, two dead, one severe and one moderate. Emergency services were provided to all cases, and all cases were brought to Mahayel General Hospital by the Red Crescent Ambulance teams.

He also stressed that the Red Crescent Authority in the Asir region is advising that caution is required and, in an emergency, God forbid, you can call 997 or the Asafni app.


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