According to a new assessment, the ten strongest armies in Saudi Arabia are the sixth strongest in the world

The most powerful army in the world is not the Americans, but the Chinese. This comes from a new assessment, backed up by a recent and detailed study published by a website specializing in military research, Electronic Military Direct, according to “Top Ten” Arab Army, the Sixth Grade Saudi China and the States The United States, Russia, India and France, followed by the armies of South Korea, Japan, Great Britain and Germany.

The study confirms that China, “enjoying great advantages in a hypothetical military conflict, has the greatest military power in the world,” according to a classification made by a group of defense specialists for the 10 strongest armies, taking into account various factors, including that Military budget, salaries and number of active military personnel, in addition to the size of the air, sea, land and nuclear forces.

China leads “the ranking of the world’s largest military machine” with a total of 82 out of 100 points, while the United States “despite its huge military budget” ranks second with a total of 74 points, followed by Russia. The rest of the countries, the “Al Arabiya .net “. In the table above, and I briefly extracted it from the website, his study showed that China wins the war when fighting is confined to my navy, while the United States wins by air and Russia by land. Hence, the study’s authors propose that China is viewed as “the happiest in a hypothetical major conflict,” and that China wins if it analyzes military power separately, that is, sea, air and land.

In terms of military spending, the United States exceeds all budgets of the countries with the ten largest armies, as the table shows, as its budget is $ 732 billion, followed by China’s budget of $ 261 billion. Still, the study finds that “the most money doesn’t necessarily mean the most successful and strongest army,” although it certainly helps.


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