After retiring from football, the former Juventus player became a watchmaker

The former defender of Juventus, Stefan Lichtenstein, surprised everyone by taking a path contrary to the norm among most retired footballers, as he chose the professionalism of watchmaking for which his country is famous.

After 19 years on the field, Lichsteiner retired last year, spending his final season on the field with the German club Augsburg, and immediately after that he chose to work in the luxury Swiss watch industry.

Juventus player professional watch industry

About two full decades of playing without leaving the football stadiums, they guaranteed him the opportunity to remain in the field of sports to work as a coach, expert or even an analyst, but the Swiss player had a completely different interest.

Agency quoted reuters “I want to do something productive,” Lichsteiner said. “If you’re a banker, that’s something you can do for life, but if you’re a soccer player, once you enter your mid-thirties, you have to find something else to do.”

According to Lichsteiner, there is a similarity between football and watchmaking, saying: “In football, if your team is not perfect, it cannot win, and it is the same in an hour, if everything is not perfect then you will not work.”

Charitable goal

The Swiss player added that he would build a watch to be used in charitable work during his training period, indicating that he aspires to become a professional watchmaker in the future, and said that his return to the field of football remains possible after the end of his adventure with watchmaking.

During his professional career, Lichsteiner defended the colors of six clubs, the most important of which was Juventus, With whom he played the most matches.

Bus march

Liechsteiner’s journey began in 2001 with the Swiss Grasshoppers, and he played 92 matches with him, then moved to the French club Lille, and defended him in 113 matches, to move after him to the Italian league from the gates of Lazio, who appeared with him in 117 confrontations.

After that, he moved to Juventus, to play with him 259 matches, during which he scored 15 goals and won many championships, to later change his direction towards Arsenal in a short experience during which he played 23 games, and then played one season with Augsburg, in which he played 20 games.

At the international level, Liechsteiner played 108 matches for his country and carried his captaincy, and is considered one of the most competitive international players in the history of his country.

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