After riding a horse in the wilderness .. Russian TV shows a new skill for Putin: preventing pens from falling!

Russian President Vladimir is back PutinTo display his special skills, after his physical abilities that he always wanted to display despite his advanced age, he now boasts of the lightness of his hands, with the 68-year-old Russian leader remaining largely confined to his residence, near Moscow, throughout the pandemic. Russian TV has turned to praising Putin’s ability to prevent pencils from falling off his desktop, according to a report by the newspaper The Times British.

The same newspaper, in a report published on Wednesday 17 March 2021, quoted a statement by Vladimir Solovyov, the presenter of the Moscow program. Kremlin. Putin stated, “These are shots of how to hold a pencil rolling off a table.” The video showed Putin reaching out to prevent a pencil from falling to the ground.

The skilled boss

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin was showing the nation his health and strength, by photographing him riding a horse topless across the wilderness in the rivers of Siberia, etc.

The presenter of the famous Russian TV program (57 years old), said on the same occasion, “His reactions were wonderful, and it is clear that he is in good shape .. his martial arts skills have not wavered.”

He also asked a guest whether he had tried to repeat the president’s achievement, and advised him to do more exercises when the guest admitted that he could not do so, and also said that Putin is the most skilled in judo.

Advertising campaign for Putin

The program, which launched in 2018, broadcasts prime time Sunday evening, on state TV channel Rossiya 1, and has previously praised Putin’s love for children and his physical build, and indicated that the bears were afraid of the former KGB officer.

TV Dozhd, an opposition online channel, likened the Rossiya 1 program to a Soviet-era personality cult. Although the show is weekly, it sometimes disappears from the show schedule, apparently due to scarcity of resources.

Mock campaign

On the other hand, the video was widely mocked on social media. One Twitter user said, “If Putin hadn’t held this pencil, one of the NATO soldiers would have caught it.” “Even the pencil wanted to get away from Putin!” Said blogger Oleg Kozyrev.

Critics have compared the program to propaganda broadcasts in North Korea or Turkmenistan, the former Soviet state, where President Berdymukhamedov is shown regularly lifting weights, shooting targets at shooting ranges, or singing pop songs.

It is reported that Putin has ruled Russia since 2000, and recent changes to the constitution mean that he can remain in power until 2036, at which time he will be 83 years old. However, the Russians are divided over whether he should remain in office when his fourth term expires in 2024.

According to the poll of the independent Levada Center, 48% of voters would like him to remain in office, while 41% would like him to step down. Putin is rapidly losing support among the youth. The percentage of people between the ages of 18 and 24 who stopped supporting him has risen over the past year, from 31% to 46%.

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