An American woman gets a million-dollar scholarship

She told the News Network CNN In a report, an American girl who graduated from high school in Philadelphia was able to obtain an offer of one million dollars in scholarships, after applying to more than 20 colleges.

Shania Robinson Onnes, 17, has applied to 20 to 30 different colleges, hoping to find the one that best suits her. With her acceptance parcels arriving, her family soon realized that she had received more than $ 1 million in grant money.

University applications

The George Washington Carver High School of Engineering and Science graduate didn’t have much expectation as she sent applications, and was even shocked at the amount of bids she garnered. “I didn’t expect to get this, I know the scholarships but I never expected it to be that much,” she said.

When Shania proceeded with the application process, her family began collecting all the scholarship packages. They created the hashtag #KeepingUpWithNya to track its progress on social media.

While the high school graduate is still in the stage of touring the university campus and has not yet decided which way it will end. She told CNN that she wants to carefully evaluate her options, not just choose the college that offers her the best scholarship program.

University study

“I do not want to base my selection on the basis of money, and then I do not like the college, so I stop studying there,” said Chania.

Among the colleges that have shown are Moravian College in Pennsylvania, Lasalle University in Philadelphia, Temple University in Philadelphia, Lincoln University in Jefferson, Missouri, University of Cabrini, and Cabrini University in Radner County, Pennsylvania.

Once she makes the final decision, Shania hopes to study psychology, as physics and chemistry are among her favorite subjects at school and she also enjoys journalism.

She contributed to her college’s news site and was making a podcast. She was also part of her school’s yearbook committee.

It is worth noting that Shania will graduate from her school in June 2021 and begin her university career in the fall semester.

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