An electronic chip for treating depression, dementia and vision diseases … A look at the future

Exaggeration in self-esteem and love without barriers or standards may lead to narcissism, as you become the center of the universe and you are the one who has the right to everything, you and nothing but you. As for the lack of self-esteem, it leads to its contempt, hatred, and demeaning in front of everyone who is a bear and a bear, and it becomes permissible for everyone who sees himself as better than you and has privileges that you do not possess. You cannot forget it or bear it unless you avoid it in the first place, even by exhausting yourself.

Your poor self-esteem makes you constantly doubt her and her abilities and everything that you do. Imagine that you have done something in which you put a tremendous effort and made sure that everything is fine. Everything, immediately begins, without hesitation in doubting yourself and your work, believing the other party to observe without hesitation. Imagine with me that this matter is repeated with you over and over again, every time you doubt yourself and dread to verify the note while you sweat in fear and dread that it is correct.

What makes you always live this vortex even though you often find everything as you left it after verification? It is the lack of self-esteem that puts you in the circle of underestimating yourself, your work and your abilities and makes you pressure yourself to accomplish an ideal work that is not lacking in it, so you find yourself far from idealism and at the same time frustrated afraid of notes and criticism, because you think that your work does not deserve to be seen by others, all This leads you to mental illness that is more dangerous than low self-esteem in itself, chiefly depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, insomnia and loss of control over your life, and it may lead to suicide. What is the solution to get rid of the cycle of self-doubt, a sense of inferiority, and the maze of competition with others? What is the way to avoid reaching the finish line, which is to intentionally end your life?

Recently, the neurotechnology company (Noralink) of the American businessman Elon Musk announced that it had invented a small electronic chip that could be implanted in the human brain by means of a very advanced robot, the chip can communicate with a smart phone, and a spokesperson for the company (Elon Musk) said that the chip is hers. Different and impressive roles predict a different future for humans, the most important of which are treatment of dementia, hearing and vision problems, and many psychological problems.

It paused me a lot that the chip may be able to treat our psychological problems that torment our souls, so how will the slide be able to put an end to our pain and our fears? Can it automatically improve our self-esteem? After implanting the chip, we become confident and loving people, and we do not doubt our capabilities only by implanting this small chip in our brains.

What if the slide could free us from anxiety, depression, insomnia, and everything that causes emotional pain? How will our life be? Will we then live happiness and absolute earthly perfection? What if our selves and all our memories and privacy were held hostage by a chip that controls them? Will we all become just an army belonging to the manufacturer with no will and no decision?

All these questions attacked me right after seeing the manufacturer’s advertisement, regardless of whether or not the mental chip would ever be able to solve people’s psychological problems. I tell you: the weakness of your self-esteem is the basis of all your mental illnesses, such as anxiety, depression and other things. Poor self-esteem may be the result of events that occurred with you in your childhood that affected your normal psychological development, or perhaps your parents as responsible for you and your upbringing until you became mature or even psychological accidents you were exposed to. In the stage of maturity. But the important dialogue that you have to have with yourself and you are now a mature person is: You are now overwhelmed with many psychological problems, is your surroundings responsible for solving these problems and complexes? Would you plunge into your misery, wait for the new (Noralink) segment to solve your psychological problems, handing them over to your mind, to control it and make you merely a follower of a capitalist company whose goal is material profit first of all? Or will you face and fight to solve your problems with all the possibilities available to you?

I know that I have a lot of talk that may seem useless to you, so stop, take a rest, separate a little from the outside world and the hype surrounding you at home, the street, work and social networking sites, now not tomorrow, take a serious appointment with yourself and stop running from it to Work or any other activity, face it with courage and get to know it no matter how bad it looks to you and you do not deserve anything in this life, you cannot treat any disease without discovering it and accepting its presence in your life as a fact that must be dealt with.

The decision is yours alone, either to flee or confront, however painful it may be. Look for flaws, causes and causes, read books by recognized doctors, and start exploring yourself that you have escaped from for years, and if the situation is difficult, consult a doctor specializing in mental illnesses, and treat your psychological complex and weak self-esteem from the roots. Remember that one of the characteristics of this worldly life is imperfection and that man lives in the liver. Accept yourself as you are. Acceptance is the beginning of reform and approval. Keep in mind the Almighty’s saying:And for those who strive in us, let us guide them towards our paths and fight us, so that God is with the benefactors. Last breath?

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