An imam was killed in Taiz, Yemen, because of the call to prayer 1

In a shocking incident, a Yemeni citizen, on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, killed the muezzin of a mosque near his house in the city of Taiz, southwest of the country, because he was disturbed by the dawn call to prayer, according to what was published by it. Local media.

Security sources told local media that the victim was Sheikh Mahyoub Shamsan Al-Zaghouri (80 years old), an imam and the resident of Al-Rahma Mosque in the Al-Darba Al-Olaya neighborhood, in the city center. He walked on foot toward the mosque in preparation for raising the dawn call to prayer, and he stabbed him to death with a white weapon, and then smashed his skull with a large stone, while the perpetrator said that he was disturbing him with the sound of the call to prayer at dawn.


The sources indicated that after that, the security authorities were informed of the incident, and the perpetrator, who is a neighbor of Sheikh Al-Zaghoui, was arrested after he tried to confront the security men with a machete used to cut meat. The neighborhood, who demanded the agencies to complete the legal procedures quickly, and promptly prosecute the perpetrator according to the law.

The sources indicated that the perpetrator had previously made several attempts to hit the mosque’s muezzin, but this time he took a knife with him and directed several stabs at Sheikh Al-Zaghouri.

A horrific crime shaking Yemen / networking sites

While the pioneers of social networking sites circulated a video clip of the moment the perpetrator was arrested, and he shouted: “Oh God .. Oh God .. We were killed by the jinn,” claiming that he is haunted by the jinn.

During the past seven years of the war in Yemen, the country has witnessed a significant increase in crime rates, and civil society organizations in the country indicate that these crimes are estimated in the tens of thousands in light of the insecurity and stability that the ongoing war has caused their collapse.

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