An Israeli airline is requesting to operate flights for tourists to Sharm El-Sheikh

Site detection Al Monitor In a report published on Monday, March 15, 2021, that an Israeli airline company calling itself “Eserair”, an aviation company limited, has submitted a request to organize commercial flights from Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv to the city of Sharm el-Sheikh on the peninsula. The Egyptian Sinai.

The company wants to operate two trips a day, and this procedure is considered the first request of its kind by Israeli companies, as Israeli tourists who want to visit Sharm El Sheikh and its environs resort to renting private planes, or they go there by bus or taxi.

The cost of the flight

It is assumed that flights from Tel Aviv to Sharm El Sheikh take an hour and 10 minutes, and the company has not yet determined the cost of this trip, but it has expressed its desire to launch flights from Haifa as well.

The company’s vice president for marketing and sales, Gil Staff, said in press statements that Sharm el-Sheikh can now become an international tourist destination, and Israeli tourists love it, as it is an excellent destination for those who want to spend their vacation abroad, even at the present time, during which the number of tourist destinations has shrunk. A lot (due to the pandemic), he said.

The expected opening of the Tel Aviv-Sharm el-Sheikh flight line comes just days after a request submitted by EgyptAir to operate the Tel Aviv-Cairo route. The operation of this air route is part of the peace treaty concluded between the two countries in 1979, but Egypt has refrained from benefiting from it over the past years.

Sinai Aviation Company

While EgyptAir at that time set up an airline called Sinai Aviation for this purpose specifically, but Sinai Airlines suspended its flights after the spread of the Corona virus, and Tel Aviv considers EgyptAir’s request to operate this airline as a positive diplomatic gesture.

It should be noted that the Israeli airspace is closed at the moment, due to the Corona virus, as is the Taba crossing.

The Israeli Ministry of Interior had opened the Taba crossing for a few hours on March 11, 2021, to enable the Israelis to return to their homes, but many in Israel hope that the Taba crossing and Ben Gurion Airport will be fully opened by the time of the Jewish Passover holiday.

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