An Italian court exempts newlyweds from paying the wedding banquet 1

She said British newspaper The Times, Monday 15 March 2021, The Italian Supreme Court has ruled that a married couple are exempt from paying their wedding bill; This is because the food served during their wedding was substandard and spoiled their special day.

About 12 years ago, the Italian couple refused to pay the bill for their wedding banquet, justifying that the food was indigestible.

The couple fought a long legal battle over a bill of 3,500 euros (about $ 4,174), after their wedding, which was held at a country house in September 2008, spoiled.

Finally, the Italian Supreme Court of Cassation (based in Rome) ruled that the couple’s complaint that the food is not digestible is valid, and that there is no reason for them to pay the bill for this food.

“Disasters” wedding meals

Italian courts have issued contradictory rulings on a variety of wedding meal “disasters”, including a complaint about overcooked food, pots and a plastic wedding cake in the northern town of Vigonza, and about 40 guests suffering food poisoning in Paestum, and the death of one of the guests. Age 77, after suffering food poisoning at a wedding in Asti in 2017.

As the British newspaper The Times stated, the Sicilian couple (who belong to Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean), had a “difficult” experience after having to wait 12 years for the courts to reach a final ruling after the crisis on their wedding day.

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