Bale challenges Zidane and announces his position on returning to Real Madrid next season

Welshman Gareth Bale said he intends to return to Real Madrid to complete the last 12 months of his contract next season with the Spanish Premier League champions, despite his exit from the accounts of French coach Zinedine Zidane.

Bale plays on loan at Tottenham Hotspur this season, and initially suffered from a decline in fitness level, and was sitting a lot on the bench, but has been playing regularly in recent weeks.

Bale challenges Zidane

But Bale said before starting his 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign this week that he planned to return to Spain next season.

“The main reason I came to Tottenham this season was because I wanted to play football first and foremost, but I also wanted to be fit to play before the European Championship,” Bale told reporters.

Bale is expected to carry the captaincy for Wales at the European Championships, which have been postponed by one year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and will begin in June.

Bale added: “The initial plan is to spend one season at Tottenham, and after the European Championship, there will be one year left with Real Madrid and I plan to return again.”

He is satisfied Gareth Bale Reluctantly, last summer, he left Real Madrid to Tottenham, on loan, after losing all his chances to participate with the team, entering into numerous crises, and suffering repeated injuries.

The return of crises

Officials of the “royal” club breathed a sigh of relief with his departure on loan in the hope of his success in England and Tottenham’s approval to buy him definitively, but Bale surprised everyone by confirming his desire to return, which Real Madrid cannot prevent.

Bale joined Real Madrid from Tottenham in 2013 for 101 million euros, and made a distinguished start with the “royal” team, before his career declined significantly in recent years.

Zidane does not want him

The site was Defensa Central The Spanish specialist in Real Madrid news recently confirmed that Zinedine Zidane, the coach of Real Madrid, does not want Gareth Bale to return to the “royal” team, despite the latter’s brilliance with Tottenham in some matches.

According to the site, Zidane does not want Gareth Bale to return to Real Madrid, and he believes that the Welshman negatively affects the entire team, despite his brilliance with Tottenham, who plays in his ranks on loan.

Gareth Bale, 31, has contract with Real Madrid in the summer of 2022, and Tottenham has the rights to buy the Welsh player’s contract.

A great start … but

And he started the Welsh “jet” in a great way with Real, and scored decisive goals for the team, most notably in the two-time European Champions League final and the King’s Cup final against Barcelona.

He also helped the team win 4 Champions League titles, 4 championships in the Club World Cup, the European Super Cup 3 times, in addition to the Spanish League twice, and once in the Spanish Cup, and the Spanish Super Cup.

But despite these accomplishments, injuries and indifference that overwhelmed Bell, contributed to his departure from Zidane’s accounts for good, even when he was fit.

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