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Barack Obama’s horoscope analyzed based on the principles of KP astrology (Advanced Vedic Astrology)

In this article, I will cover the uniqueness of KP astrology and Barack Obama’s horoscope. First, I will give a brief overview of KP Astrology and then I will discuss Obama Horoscope Online with KP Astrology. KP astrology was first proposed by the famous astrologer KS Krishnamurti from India in the mid-fifties. Krishnamurti Paddhati or KP has used the best of Vedic and Western astrology to derive a unique style of interpreting a horoscope. Unlike traditional Vedic astrology which gives importance to houses, KP gives importance to nakshatras or constellations. The nakshatras are the same as Vedic Astrology but more importance is given to it. Especially KSK has come up with a unique discovery of “sub” which is nothing but the sub-division of the nakshatras. According to KSK, a planet is good or bad depending on the nakshatras on which it is positioned in relation to its ascendant and more, “under” of this nakshatra it is positioned.

In Vedic astrology, the zodiac is divided into 27 nakshatras or constellations each covering 13 degrees 20 minutes. Each of these nakshatras has its own lords. Each of the 7 planets comprising 2 nodes (rahu and ketu) are the lords of 3 nakshatras in total. For example Ashwini, Magha and Moola are ruled by Ketu. KSK subdivided these nakshatras into 9 unequal parts (ruled by 7 planets and 2 subs) known as “submarines“. Division of under is based on the Vimshottari Dasa system followed by Vedic astrologers. Now, judging whether a planet is favorable or unfavorable is based on the position of a planet in that particular zone (degree, minute) of the zodiac in relation to the considered chart. Now, to find an example according to traditional Vedic astrology, Jupiter should give a beneficial result if it is positioned in Cancer (where it is exalted), but according to the KP system it can also be evil if it occupies a constellation. unfavorable and “under“So much so that Jupiter can be beneficial even when placed in Capricorn (where it weakens). Now the next question is how to determine whether a planet is favorable or not. Another unique finding from KSK was the unequal division of houses based on the Placidus system and in this system the beginning house where the cusp fell is considered the lord of the house (bhava). This could very well be explained by citing an example.

Take the example of Barack Obama’s horoscope. He was born on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 p.m. in Honolulu HI, USA, 21n18, 157w51 (source astrodatabank) If we see his horoscope his ascendant is Capricorn and the moon sign is Taurus and currently he is running maha dasa (hour) of Jupiter . An astrology student would immediately say that Jupiter is the lord of the 3rd and 12th in his case, so how did he get to this height during the time of Jupiter. KP astrology has the answer to the question. His 11th and 12th cusps both fell in Sagittarius (the lord is Jupiter) and also the 2nd cusp as fallen apart (the lord is Jupiter) as a result of which the entire image is altered. Now if we see the position of Jupiter it is in Capricorn (where it is weakening) 7 degrees 37 minutes therefore it is positioned in the constellation of the Sun and under Ketu. Again, a similar contradiction arises for the ascendant Capricorn Leo (the lord is the sun) is the eight lord, so how is it that Jupiter positioned in the 8th lord star is beneficial. KP responds again. In the case of Obama, the 8th cusp fell in Virgo and not in Leo. Sun the lord of Leo is positioned at 19 degrees 19 minutes Cancer which happens to be the 6th bhava for him. Accordingly, Jupiter means 2, 6, 11, 12 houses and this is one of the best (2,6,11) meanings a planet can have. House 2 signifies wealth and speech, house 6 signifies competition and house 11 signifies gain or fulfillment of desires, as the combination of the houses mentioned above signifies success or higher order. We will now discuss the Sub Lord Ketu where Jupiter is positioned. Ketu in Obama’s horoscope is positioned in Aquarius at 4 degrees 39 minutes, so he is in the sign of Saturn and in the constellation of Mars. Saturn in his case is the lord of the 1st house and Mars is the lord of the 3rd and 10th (3rd fell in Aries and the 10th cusp fell in Scorpio) so Ketu means 1,3,10 which is in no way an unfavorable meaning. Thus, the contradiction of Obama’s Horoscope can be fully explained by KP. There are many other factors that also played a role in his rise, the main factors were Jupiter’s dasa which apparently seemed unfavorable but in reality a very strong planet responsible for his rise to the post of President of the United States from America. .

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Source by Biswarup Tarafder

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