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Best exercises to get an hourglass body

The body, which takes the form of an hourglass, is considered one of the most attractive body shapes for women, as it is a slender waist, with a balance in the shoulder and hip sizes. Some women may develop an hourglass body shape from birth, but others work so hard to have an hourglass body shape. To this end, “” offers best exercises related.

Hourglass body exercises

Effective exercises to sculpt the body and give it an hourglass shape

5 useful exercises to “sculpt” the body and give it an hourglass shape, which can be practiced for half an hour, daily, for a minimum of three times a week.

1. First exercise

This exercise tightens abdominal muscles inferior and oblique. It is applied as follows: After lying on the back, with the body stretched and the back straight, the knees are bent, the feet are fixed on the ground, and the arms are extended along the body. Then, move the torso to the left, touching the heel of the left foot with the fingers of the left hand. After five seconds, he returns to his starting position, slowly.
Repeat the exercise ten times, on each side.

2. The second exercise

This exercise is effective in burning fat from the sides, and slimming the waist. It is performed as follows: After lying on the right side, the legs are joined, then they are spread out, and the left hand is placed in the direction of the leg, while supporting the body with the right hand. After five seconds, he returns to his starting position, slowly.
Repeat the exercise eight times on each side.

Third exercise التمرين

This exercise tightens the oblique abdominal muscles, and the waist area in general. Lie on your back, with your arms straight, and your knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Then, move the knees, toward the left side as far as possible, without touching the ground. After five seconds, he returns to his starting position, slowly.
Repeat the exercise fifteen times, using each side.

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4. Fourth exercise

An effective exercise in sculpting the waist and tightening the oblique abdominal muscles

This exercise is effective in tightening the oblique abdominal muscles, drawing the waist and strengthening its muscles. It is performed as follows: Sitting on the edge of the chair, with the hands on the knees. Then, move the torso to the right, keeping the legs and thighs in a straight and stable position. After three seconds, slowly, you can turn left.
Repeat the exercise ten times, on each side.

5. Exercise 5

This exercise helps fat burning In the abdominal area, straightening the back, tightening the chest, and strengthening the shoulder muscles.
The exercise involves sitting on a bench, with the back straight, and the hands behind the head. Then, bend slowly, forward, and back again, being careful not to push the head, using the hands when bending.
This exercise is repeated fifteen times.
An indication that the use of weights, during the exercise of the five exercises, makes them more effective. In this context, it is recommended to use the appropriate weights, while avoiding heavy ones that may hurt the muscles and are counterproductive!

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Tips to maintain a slim, hourglass-like body

As a woman ages, hormone levels change in her body, slowing down the metabolism and increasing appetite, which leads to an increase in fat. On the other hand, to maintain a slim, hourglass-like body, the following is recommended:

  • Eat foods that help balance hormones, including complex carbohydrates (whole-grain bread and brown rice), as well as foods rich in major fats (olive oil and oily fish).
  • Inclusion of protein-rich foods in the diet; It helps increase muscle mass in the body.
  • Eating more fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, while following healthy cooking methods, such as grilling and boiling.
  • Follow a balanced diet, to meet the body’s needs for nutrients, without an increase in calories.
  • Reduce the consumption of processed foods, which need time to digest.
  • Make sure to drink two liters of water daily.
  • Exercising at least three times a week. And if it’s hard to find time for that, it can be burned Calories by moving by climbing stairs rather than using the elevator or walking; Constant movement helps burn calories, and gets rid of stored fat in the body.

Note from “”: If you suffer from a certain disease or take certain medications, it is recommended to consult a doctor before doing some exercise.

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