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Bilal Shehadat to “My Lady”: Abed Fahd will be the focus of revenge and revenge in “Shti Ya Beirut”

Writer Bilal Shehadat revealed the details of his new series “Shety Ya Beirut”, whose filming began a few days ago, and it is produced by Al-Sabah Group, produced by Sadiq Al-Sabah and directed by Elie Semaan.

Shehadat said in an exclusive interview with “Sayida Net”: “The story of the Sheti Ya Beirut series is a contemporary tragedy that deals with the issue of revenge and revenge between brothers and cousins ​​in a somewhat new form, and also deals with the issue of loss and loss between members of the same family. They are the stories of brothers and relatives who bring them together. Blood and their division are the mazes and corridors of life, and thus the story reaches the point of no return, where moral judgments vanish, good and evil mix, and the oppressor become oppressed..! It is a rich, dramatic mixture that reflects the absurdity of this life we ​​live..!

Abed Fahd – Photo from Abed Fahd’s Instagram

Bilal revealed that the Syrian star, Abed Fahd, will be the focus of revenge and revenge at work, and he will live with huge conflicts and interesting events for his personality and for the work as a whole.

On the other hand, a number of stars joined the work, led by Abed Fahd, who will be the focus of revenge and revenge in the work. A group of stars participate in the series, Dima Bayaa, Samer Ismail, Abdo Shaheen, Fadi Abi Samra, Fayez Qazak, Ramez Al-Aswad, Elsa Zugheib, Enas. Zureik, Zina Makki, Lynn Ghorra, and others.



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