Bitcoins are “better than gold,” if you study it, the fund manager will tell the mainstream media

Bitcoin (BTC) is better than gold if investors take the time to study it, says hedge fund manager Anthony Scaramucci.

IN Conversation with CNBC on March 18, Scaramucci, CEO of SkyBridge Capital, strengthened his faith in bitcoins for the general public.

Scaramucci or bitcoin vs. gold: “The world is changing”

With the growth of bitcoins in 2021, the question still arises as to whether profits come at the expense of gold, which has failed to take advantage of the risks associated with printing world government money.

Comparing the two assets, Scaramucci left no doubt about his preferences, arguing that gold may be the choice for preserving value for 4,000 years, but nothing is forever.

“The world is changing – that’s the ultimate record, Joe, the world is changing,” Joe Kernen told host.

$ 1 invested in gold vs. bitcoin for 11.4 years. Source: Woobull

These comments contradict steadfast gold mistakes, especially Peter Schiff, who remains convinced that bitcoins will fail, and leaving gold as the only way to escape the dangers of central bank economic policy.

Scaramucci further emphasized that bitcoin plays the role of money as a technology – a central argument among bitcoin supporters such as the author of “The Bitcoin Standard” Saifedean Ammous.

“If you study it, it’s better than gold in many ways. They’re easier to store, you can move them faster, and that value – a trusted network – is growing. “

1-day chart of XAU / BTC spark plugs. Source: Tradingview

“Exact story”

SkyBridge made headlines when it launched the BTC fund in December 2020, at a time when the price of bitcoin was in the midst of one of its parabolic increases to $ 30,000.

Since then, the institutional trend has only accelerated. This week, Morgan Stanley became the first major bank to offer clients exposure into bitcoin funds.

Like an extra Cointelegraph reportedRobby Gutmann, CEO of fund provider NYDIG, has indicated that this week will be the beginning of a series of acceptance announcements that will essentially “change the game.”

“Investors are pounded by the mainstream media with accurate storytelling – bitcoin is better than gold,” said Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital. he replied Scaramucci and praised his efforts.

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