Boasting about the wave of Arab normalization … Kushner describes the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as a “real estate dispute.”

Alleged Jared KushnerAdvisor to former US President Donald Trump said that the world is witnessing the final stages of the Arab-Israeli conflict, in his first published comments since the end of the Trump administration, and that was on the American Wall Street Journal, where he considered that the conflict continued for a long time due to the “myth” that That it will end only if the two parties succeed in settling their differences, while reducing the matter to being a “real estate dispute”, as he claimed.

According to a newspaper report The Independent The British, Tuesday, March 16, 2021, Donald Trump’s son-in-law went on the same occasion that “the Abraham accords revealed that this conflict is just a real estate dispute between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and there is no need to disrupt Israel’s relations with the rest of the Arab world because of it.”

He praised Biden’s policies!

Speaking of broader US policy, Kushner praised the Biden administration for putting China on a priority list – a legacy that Donald Trump claims to have left by changing his attitudes toward and behavior toward that country, but adding that it is wrong not to build on such progress in the Middle East.

In addition to the peace agreements between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco and Kosovo, Kushner cited the elimination of the Islamic State group and mediating an end to the conflict between Qatar and Saudi Arabia as one of the successes of the Trump administration.

He also indicated that the normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia is now within sight, in order to form a united front to challenge Iran.

Iran and the Middle East

On the same newspaper, Kushner also wrote that the Biden team’s inaugural move to work with Europe and return to the Iran deal was a smart diplomatic move, although it alarmed many.

He explained, “The Biden administration revealed the truth about Iran. It revealed to the Europeans that this deal has ended and we have no choice but to lay down a new framework for future stability. When Iran asked for a gift just to start negotiations, President Biden did the right thing and refused.”

He also argued that Iran is pretending to be strong and that America must be patient and insist that any deal include real nuclear inspections and an end to Iran’s funding of foreign militias.

Kushner celebrated his father-in-law’s management and his role in those negotiations between Israel and the Arab countries, arguing that they recognized Joe Biden a success he could build on.

Before concluding his speech, saying, “Everything is ready. If the Biden administration is smart, it will take advantage of this historic opportunity and unleash the potential in the Middle East, protect America, and help the region turn the page of a generation of conflicts and instability. It is time to start a new chapter from Partnerships, Prosperity, and Peace. “

Kushner and Trump

In its report, published on Friday, March 5, 2021, CNN reported, citing American sources, that Jared Kushner, son-in-law and senior adviser to former US President Donald Trump, has disengaged from the latter, and is no longer specifically listed on the list of close advisers. From it, as it was in the past.

Several people who have worked closely with Kushner in the White House or are familiar with his way of thinking have said that he has decided to withdraw from the scene. “At the moment, he decided to distance himself from politics,” one person said, echoing the thought of his wife, Ivanka Trump, who came out of her entire political bubble and asked her friends and colleagues not to talk about Washington anymore.

While other sources went on to assert that Kushner’s absence from the American political scene will be nothing but a “passing summer cloud,” with the situation worsening for Trump, while he is likely to return to the forefront again in the event that his father-in-law decides to run for the next presidential elections.

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