“Bribery and abuse of influence” … Corruption allegations by 241 people in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Control and Anti-Corruption Agency (Nazaha) has arrested 241 citizens and residents, including employees in the ministries of Home Affairs – Health – Local and Rural Affairs and Housing – Education – Human Resources and Social Development, the General Customs Service and the Saudi Post Corporation for their involvement in charges including bribery and exploitation, manipulation of the workplace, abuse of power and fraud.

In a statement posted on their Twitter account, the commission stated that legal proceedings against them have been completed to refer them to the judiciary, stating that the investigation began in 263 rounds of surveillance during the last Rajab, with 757 defendants in criminal charges – and administrative matters and concluded the results of the investigation. To suspend the above 241 citizens and residents.

The Control and Anti-Corruption Commission also urged everyone to report any suspected financial or administrative corruption in order to protect and preserve public funds by receiving the following reports: toll-free phone: 980, website: www.nazaha., email 980 @, fax: 0114420057.


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