BTC was the most powerful asset of the last decade by 900%

Over the last ten years, bitcoin has beaten all asset classes by at least a factor of 10.

The milestone was noted by Charlie Bilello, CEO and founder of Compound Capital Advisors, who used Ycharts data to compile the performance of top asset classes.

In response to these findings, Messari researcher Roberto Talamas highlighted that bitcoins yielded an average annual return of 230% – more than 10 times higher than the second class asset class.

The US Nasdaq 100 ranked second with an annualized return of 20%, followed by US Large Caps – shares of US-based companies with market limits in excess of $ 10 billion – with an average annual performance of 14%. Small-cap US stocks were the only other asset class to record double-digit annualized returns over the past decade, at 12.9%.

The data also show that gold has achieved a modest annualized return of 1.5% since 2011, with five of the last 11 years leading to asset losses. According to The price of gold, precious metal has fallen by 8.5% since the beginning of 2021, in honor Opponent of bitcoins and investor in gold Peter Schiff.

Since 2011, BTC’s cumulative profits for BTC have been an incredible 20 million percent. 2013 was the most powerful year for Bitcoins, during which it gained 5,507%.

The data also show that bitcoins showed only an annualized loss over the two years of their history, with BTC declining by 58% and 73% in 2014 and 2018, respectively.

Since the beginning of 2021, BTC has been on the markets up to 108% reached an all-time high of just over $ 61,500 on Sunday, March 14.

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