Bullets in the head and clear signs of torture … decomposing bodies were found, handcuffed, in the Libyan city of Benghazi

On Thursday, March 18, 2021, Anadolu Agency, citing a security source, said that the authorities of the city of Benghazi, eastern Libya, found 11 decomposing bodies, unidentified, and were found in a hideous condition, as “they were decomposed and handcuffed behind the cement factory building in Al-Hawari area, which has signs of torture and injuries in the head, “according to the same source.

According to media and human rights activists in Libya, Benghazi is witnessing a deterioration in security And abuses by elements loyal to Haftar.

Under Haftar’s control

The same source added that “the 155th infantry battalion took to the streets of Benghazi (controlled by the militia of the retired coup major general Khalifa Haftar) and surrounded the cement factory.”

While a source from the Benghazi Prosecution office confirmed to the “Libya Al-Ahrar” channel (in particular), the news of finding the 11 bodies behind the cement factory.

The source explained that it is estimated that about 10 days have passed since the bodies were thrown at the place.


He also added that “the bodies were found decomposed, handcuffed, and they were liquidated by firing bullets directly at the head.”

While no other circumstances related to the accident were immediately known.

This happens, after notables in the Libyan tribes of Burqa, known for their positions in support of Haftar, called for the latter’s militia to be removed from the city of Benghazi.

Early this month, a video clip documented the incident of Major Mahmoud Al-Warfali, wanted by the International Criminal Court, the contents of the Toyota Motor Corporation’s agency headquarters in Benghazi, accompanied by a group wearing military uniform.

Call the criminal court to investigate the crimes of Benghazi

The last meeting of sheikhs and notables in Cyrenaica was remarkable for their call on the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to investigate cases of murder and kidnapping in Benghazi, chief among them the fate of Representative Siham Sergewa.

Retired Major General Khalifa Haftar (social networking sites)

On July 17, 2019, an armed group affiliated with Haftar attacked Sergewa’s house in Benghazi, and took it to an unknown destination, following its demand for an end to the aggression against Tripoli.

The statement also expressed their condemnation of the attacks committed by armed groups inside Benghazi against citizens and public and private property, and demanded the disclosure of secret prisons and the accountability of those in charge of them.

Demanding the removal of Haftar’s militia from Benghazi

The most daring demands were those issued at the meeting of the notables of Cyrenaica in Al-Abyar, which demanded the removal of Haftar’s militia from Benghazi.

Haftar and militia leaders in Benghazi, Archive / Reuters

The statement called for “an investigation to be opened into all terrorist acts, including the assassination of the activist Hanan Al-Barasi (2020), the kidnapping of the representative Siham Sergewa (2019) and the killing of the sheikh of the Al-Awaqir tribe, Abrik Al-Lawati in the bombing (2017).”

Several Libyan parties accuse Haftar’s militias of being behind the assassination of lawyer Hanan Al-Barasi, in central Benghazi, in November 2020, after accusing her of corruption around Haftar’s surroundings, in a video clip she posted on her Facebook page.

The statement raised the issue of secret prisons in Cyrenaica, and demanded that they be disclosed, “knowing the fate of all the abductees, and punishing those who carried out or ordered the kidnapping,” without pointing the finger of blame to any party.

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