Calligraphers discuss the sustainability of Arabic calligraphy in the founder’s library

The King Abdulaziz Public Library in Riyadh continues to present its cultural activities for the current year 2021 AD in Riyadh, where the activities of the Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition organized by the library as part of the Ministry of Culture’s initiative for the Year of Arabic Calligraphy 2021, next.

The library shows its visitors many works that highlight the arts of Arabic calligraphy and their decoration, some of the library’s holdings of manuscripts, ancient Korans and coins, as well as a museum of Arabic calligraphy writing tools and a group of books exploring the aesthetics and history of Arabic calligraphy, the most famous Arabic calligraphers in various Arabic and Islamic eras, as well as the provision of a hall for workshops, taking into account the implementation of precautionary measures.

According to the Saudi press agency “SPA”, training workshops for Saudi calligraphers in the three categories of applicants, beginners and children are taking place on the fringes of the exhibition, the topics of which are the introduction to the types of Arabic calligraphy and the highlighting of its aesthetics and secrets, the basic principles each calligraphy and the tools used to write six workshops were conducted, a work that involved 120 participants, including men, women and children, as well as impromptu competitions for Arabic calligraphy models for the adult category, junior category and junior category representing the Participants showed creativity and honored the 3 winners in each category

Calligraphers meeting

The exhibition was characterized by the daily meetings of calligraphers who enriched the exhibition with discussions on the arts of Arabic calligraphy, their preservation and the introduction of new generations in the light of modern technologies and digital.

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In addition, the activities of the Arabic Calligraphy Exhibition will continue until the end of 2021 AD by hosting a number of different events and programs, including lectures and seminars, discussing the topics of Arabic calligraphy and its explanation, and the methods of root formation it in young people, in addition to workshops and competitions in Arabic calligraphy and organizing meetings with calligraphers, the participants to celebrate the Arabic letter and continue to show outstanding works in Arabic calligraphy and embody their arts, where the exhibition welcomes theirs visitors between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the headquarters of the trade fair in the service industry and the viewing halls in Khurais, taking the precautions taken.

It is noteworthy that the exhibition of Arabic calligraphy opened in the library on March 9th last year, where it coincided between the main branch in Riyadh and its two branches in Casablanca and Peking University, with the participation of the most famous calligraphers who dealt with Arabic calligraphy and its arts.

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