Catching a car bomb The Houthi march started towards Khamis Mushait

The Coalition in Support of Legitimacy in Yemen announced today, Saturday, the interception and destruction of a car bomb march initiated by the Houthi militia towards Khamis Mushait in Saudi Arabia.

He added that Iran-backed militias continue to attempt to attack civilians.

He also stressed that he is taking all operational measures to protect civilians from terrorist attacks.

International convictions

It is noteworthy that in recent times the Iran-backed militias have stepped up their attempts to target civilian and economic objects in the kingdom in attempts condemned by several Arab and Western countries and their support for the kingdom and its security emphasized and denounced the terrorist attacks by the Houthis.

And yesterday, Friday, an official from the Saudi energy ministry announced the reveal Riad refinery For a terrorist attack by drones.

The United States condemned the attack, describing it as an attempt to “stifle global oil supplies.” “We strongly condemn the attacks on facilities in Saudi Aramco,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Galina Porter told reporters.

She also expressed “deep concern in Washington about the frequency of repeated Houthi attacks, and stressed that this behavior shows the militia’s utter indifference to the safety of civilians.”


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