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Ahmed Saad separated from Alia Al-Basiouni after 10 months of attempts to wreak havoc between them, madam

It seems that the attempts to wreak havoc between singer Ahmed Saad and fashion expert Alia Bassiouni have already succeeded, as a source close to Saad revealed his separation from Alia 10 months after the official engagement was announced, and days before the previously proposed date of the wedding. Ahmed Saad and Alia Bassiouni –…


What does the Delta variant mean for fully vaccinated people?

Covid. Illustrated | iStock The United States is seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases driven by the Delta variant. How dangerous is it? Here’s all you need to know. What is the Delta variant? The Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 – the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 – was first identified in India in December 2020. After…

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This is how you fight the appearance of freckles on your face in the summer

When the summer begins, many women rush to go out and lie in the sun to get an attractive bronze color and a natural tan that makes their skin more beautiful and attractive. But soon, facial freckles begin to appear gradually to become thick at the end of summer. How can you combat the appearance…

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Best apps to interact with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Despite the many drawbacks; The “Corona” pandemic, which postponed the date, and prevented the public from watching the matches, in attendance, the Tokyo Summer Olympics finally started; It is expected, according to press reports, that hundreds of millions will watch it on television and various screens… For those interested in the Olympics, enthusiasts of their…


Vaccinations begin to climb in states hard hit by Delta variant

By Ernie Mundell and Robin Foster Health Day Reporters FRIDAY July 23, 2021 (HealthDay News) A sign that Americans hesitant to vaccinate are starting to worry about the rapid spread of the highly infectious variant of Delta, vaccinations are starting to increase in some states where COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing, officials said Thursday. White House….

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Conditions for attending Angham’s concert.. Children are not allowed to attend in formal clothes, madam

The company organizing Angham’s concert at Al-Manara Theater, scheduled for July 30, has set four conditions for those wishing to attend, the first of which is to abide by the official dress, and not to accompany children under 6 years old, and although entry to the concert will start from six in the evening and…


Australia Covid: arrests during anti-containment protests

A group of protesters threw objects at mounted police in Sydney Protests have taken place in Australian cities against the strict restrictions imposed to deal with an increase in Covid cases. Thousands of people gathered in Sydney, with smaller protests held in Melbourne and Brisbane. People chanted “freedom” as they walked through central Sydney. Officers…

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Saruq Al Hadid Museum in Dubai .. A factory dating back to the Iron Age

The Saruq Al Hadid Museum is located in one of the houses of the Al Shindagha Historical Neighborhood, which is a tapestry of historical buildings that form the nucleus of the old city of Dubai. This is the first time that the treasures of the Saruq Al-Hadid site have been shown to visitors in a…