“Celebrities” fined more than 3 million riyals

The audiovisual agency investigated a number of well-known social media platforms after they attended a party in Riyadh last month. Twelve people who were monitored, including 5 local residents, were fined between 50,000 and 300,000 riyals, and the organizing company was fined 400,000 riyals.

The Saudi Commerce Department had also previously announced the convocation of the company in charge of the “Snapchat Celebrities” gathering, which is violating the precautionary and preventive measures to fight the coronavirus in Riyadh, and the department said it would be fined 300,000. Imposed on the company that has used a number of heralded celebrities to promote its products through websites Social communications and penalties have been imposed based on the list of restrictive gatherings and the classification table of penalties for violating precautionary measures and measures (preventive) protocols to fight the pandemic of the corona virus (Covid-19), published by the Ministry of the Interior.

In late May, incriminating video clips of a party in Saudi Arabia involving a number of “social celebrities” were posted on social media platforms and posted on their accounts when media sources confirmed that the relevant authorities would continue their work to help the attendees Control the ceremony and impose the penalty imposed on them.

The clips circulated showed the presence of a number of dancers at a party that caused a great wave of anger on social media and exceeded the number allowed for gatherings by the Saudi Interior Ministry without any precautionary measures.

According to the Saudi Public Prosecutor’s Office, the penalty for attending the hurtful ceremony is prison and a fine as it is part of the crime of violating religious values ​​and public morals in Saudi Arabia.


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