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Classic Pants Coordination Ideas | Madam Magazine

After the popularity of classic trousers again, international brands presented many different designs for classic trousers; To coordinate with various everyday looks.
In this album, “” offers you ideas for coordinating classic pants, for a sophisticated and elegant look in the summer of 2021:

Coordinating classic black pants with a wide blouse


If you want to coordinate the classic black pants in an elegant and elegant way, for an evening or daytime look that suits working times, you can coordinate classic wide black pants, with a pleat in the middle of each leg, with a wide blouse in the same color or one of the dark colors, in addition to a black belt Or white or camel.

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Classic white trousers with a long-sleeved top

Gilberto Calzolari

For a more modern look, Gilberto Calzolari presented this distinctive design of classic white trousers, which came in a High West design with a thin belt at the waist, designed in the same fabric and color as the trousers.
You can coordinate this pants with a long-sleeved narrow top in blue, green or pink, and it can also be coordinated with a sleeveless top, and white shoes for an attractive summer look.

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Coordinating classic pants with a long blazer

Fabiana Filippi

If you want to coordinate the classic trousers in a classy way that suits business times and official meetings, you can use this design of classic wide trousers in brown from Fabiana Filippi brand, and coordinate it with a long brown blazer designed with a wide collar and side pockets on the waist with covers, then adopt a thin belt On the waist in brown leather, with a pastel beige handbag and shoes.

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Classic trousers with a floral printed T-shirt

Boramy Viguier

For a modern casual look with classic trousers, you can coordinate classic dark red pants from Boramy Viguier, with a black T-shirt printed with large flowers in white and dark pink.
You can adopt high-heeled leather shoes with this look, or elegant black sandals, with a wide black leather strap.

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