Corona will be from the past and that is proof

The Saudi Ministry of Health confirmed in a tweet on its official Twitter account: “Epidemics have followed for hundreds of years and vaccines are God’s will the only way to eradicate them,” citing the effectiveness and success of the polio vaccine 100% eliminated the disease in Saudi Arabia.

And the Saudi health minister commented on his Twitter account: Without God and then vaccines, many diseases that have claimed the deaths of millions would not have disappeared from the world, and the corona vaccine will make this virus a thing of the past. God willing.

Vaccines are a means of prevention

In a publication through its official accounts, the Ministry of Health stated that vaccines are one of the most important means of preventing disease and epidemics, as confirmed by medical studies over the past few decades that have proven themselves on many viruses that have hit the world in recent years until vaccines became a major achievement in human health care as they protect him from disease during his lifetime / to confirm that coronavirus will be a thing of the past if everyone pulls together and rushes to take the anti-coronavirus vaccine.

She stated that the “polio” vaccine was able to eradicate 100% of the disease in Saudi Arabia and has also helped reduce infection rates in the world by 99.9% and now also help prevent 18 million people that increased their mobility and prevented the deaths of 1.5 million children. .

The Ministry of Health said: Today 80% of the world’s population live in polio-free countries, while stressing that vaccines, no matter how virulent the epidemics, would eradicate them, God willing.

Polio and Corona Virus

Health researcher and patient safety trainer Sultan Al-Mutairi told Polio is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus that attacks the nervous system. Sometimes a child or adult enters the human body through the mouth.The disease multiplies in the intestines, causing infection, paralysis, and sometimes death by paralysis of the muscles responsible for breathing, and this virus can kill many of those who feel infected with it before the vaccine was introduced.

In his speech he emphasized: “The polio vaccination helps to protect the child from infection for life, as does the corona vaccination, which is considered safe and, God willing, corona will be a thing of the past.”

Yesterday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced that more than “18” million doses of the corona vaccine “Covid-19” had been administered via more than “587” vaccination centers in all regions of Saudi Arabia.


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