Cruel scenes closer to “Hollywood” films … a video clip showing a Mexican gang killing 5 policemen in a horrific way (video)

An accident shook the killing of five security men Mexico At the hands of a gang of murderers, the feelings of Mexicans, but what affected them the most, was the documentation of the incident through a video clip, recorded by one of the witnesses, in which he showed the last moments of the five policemen in central Mexico after they were all killed during the attack on them in an ambush. This clip went viral after it was leaked on social media on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

According to a newspaper report The Daily Mail The British, Wednesday 24 March, shows in the clip four of the five state police officers trying to shelter from a violent attack by alleged killers from the La Familia Michucana gang in Mexico state last Thursday.

Scenes closer to Hollywood movies

In the clip, the voice of officers is seen screaming, as the two sides exchange fire in the Llano Grande district of the municipality of Caوتيtepec de Harenhas.

the police

The clip also shows one of the officers trying to help his colleague after he was hit by a bullet.

In addition, another video clip filming the attack, which took place in broad daylight, revealed at least three men moving around a farm and firing at the police with military rifles.


This ambush was one of three attacks that occurred in broad daylight, which left 13 policemen dead.


According to Infobae, an alert was issued to the residents of Lano Grande warning them not to leave their homes, hours before the start of the attack, because “something will happen.”

The videos were also released just hours after the Mexico State Prosecutor’s Office announced the arrest of 25 suspects during a series of raids, last Friday, in the municipalities of Cotepec de Harenas, Almoloia de Alexiria, Zacqualpan, Castapán de la Salle and Tonanico.

Mexican police car

The Mexico state attorney general also said that they are looking for three other people who planned the attack.

In the same context, media outlets have identified the three wanted suspects: Gabriel Ortiz, Alberto Romero and Silverio Martinez.

State Prosecutor Alejandro Gómez said in a statement that Ortiz, Romero and Martinez is being sought on charges of distributing and selling drugs and carrying out robberies for “La Familia Michucana”.

The accused

For his part, the Minister of Security in the State of Mexico, Rodrigo Martinez Siles, described these attacks as “an insult to the state of Mexico.”

The 13 police officers were appointed in the State Police and the Mexico State Attorney’s Office.

Details of the horrific attacks

The first incident occurred between 1 and 2 p.m. local time, when gunmen opened fire on a unit of five agents from the State Police Office and the Investigation Police Department of the State Prosecutor’s Office as they prepared to carry out a patrol in the Llano Grande area of ​​the city of Kotepec Harinas.


All five officers and agents were killed.


Moments later, the gang intercepted three other officers who were working for the state attorney general’s office and killed them while driving their pickup truck.

The assailants launched their third attack after about 50 minutes in the municipality of Zakwalban, killing five other policemen while sitting in a police car from an SUV.

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