Do NFTPs hit the bottom? Charmin joins the latest cryptocurrency madness

The market for irreplaceable chips is not limited to collectibles from the field of digital sports and art connoisseurs – big brands are also getting into the event.

Manufacturer of toilet paper Charmin stated five different versions of its unmistakable toilet paper or NFTP, which are available for sale on the Rarible market today. NFTPs have decorated (as well as ordinary) toilet rolls and contain pictures of the brand’s family of bear mascots. Charmin said all proceeds from the sale of the NFT would go to the non-profit organization Direct Relief, which provides resources to health professionals in disaster-stricken areas.

The toilet paper manufacturer said that each NFTP would be sold with a physical display for cryptocurrency users to hang their artwork in the bathroom next to their actual, slightly more replaceable toilet paper. The highest bid for one of the pieces is 1 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH) at the time of release, worth about $ 1,800. Although some stores still restrict the sale of toilet paper, it is one expensive roll.

The subsidiary Procter & Gamble is the latest major brand to jump into the NFT space after apparent weeks comic to absurd increasing cryptocurrencies. He released Taco Bell earlier this month NFT with logo at the Rarible Market. Quartz news too reported on technology and at the same time published the article itself as NFT.

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