Doge NFT a lot wow, Paris Hilton is an NFT advisor, the NFT game gets 3 million USD

Billy Markus, co-founder and engineer of Dogecoin (DOGE), which also sold its DOGE hideout for the equivalent of and used Honda Civic in 2015, it entered the market of non-functional tokens (NFT).

On June 9, Markus revealed a decline in NGA-based NFTs called “Capped Dogecoin,” which he described as “power cap, very deflation, many tokenomics. Lots available. ”

The NFTs are divided into three levels, all featuring a spinning gold coin with the iconic Shiba Inu in a Dogecoin baseball cap – with the upper two-tiered NFTs having more details, such as a colored cap, space background, or a glossy gloss on the coin.

The first degree is open edition of 420 copies and can be purchased at Rarible for 0.081 packaged ether (WETH) worth $ 208.52 at current prices.

Level 2 is already there sold on Rarible and had three copies of that sold for 0.8 ether (ETH) each worth around $ 2,063.

The third level consisted of one of them sold for 1.5 ETH worth $ 3,866 to the foundation earlier, with the swaggmire user purchasing the NFT rights.

Interestingly, “swaggmire” continued to relaunch the NFT at ETH 420.69 worth about $ 1 million, but this seemed to be a joke as it immediately changed the price to 6 ETH at about $ 15,500.

Paris Hilton becomes an advisor to the NFT

While other celebrities have since left the NFT after prices cooled, the billionaire and the described “boss” Paris Hilton has doubled.

According to the Medium blog from June 8 post from Origin – Paris Hilton joined the team as an investor and advisor, and the company sought her to provide expertise on how to satisfy the upper echelons of society.

“As an investor and advisor, Paris will provide strategic advice on how to most effectively deliver value through the NFT to top developers such as celebrities, influential people and brands.” read a blog post.

Origin is an ethero-based protocol that helps buyers and sellers trade in a decentralized environment.

According to the company’s website, there is a project he wants bring “NFT and DeFi to the masses” by allowing users to host NFT sales on their own domains and also offer lucrative revenue along with its management token and OUSD stablecoin.

Guards Guards

A new mobile NFT game called Guild of Guardians has completed the first wave of its “Founder’s NFT sale,” increasing sales by $ 3 million, according to a announcement shared with Cointelegraph.

The sale was made for a collection of usable and “playable” NFTs that will be introduced into the game, with prices ranging from $ 200 to $ 100,000.

Gurdian Guild

Philippine cryptographic team Yield guide bought one of 10 NFT “mythical guilds” worth $ 100,000. The mythical NFT guild allows up to 50 players to enter the game and provides the guild owner with a 10% reduction in guild production earnings in the game.

“The community response was incredible.” More than 50% of all sales were made through referrals – indicating that the community shared with each other, and there is a real aspect to “earning a share,” said Derek Lau, head of the game for the Guild of Guardians.

This game builds on the Play to Earn model, but Lau also expressed the importance of developing a game that is fun, not just about cash prizes:

“Rather than ‘play for profit’, we want to instill the idea of ​​’play for profit’ – to ensure that players do not only play to make money on their own, but also for fun and great play,” Lau said.

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