Don’t think of negative interest rates, AUD / USD will bounce back

More comments have now come from the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia RBA Philip Lowe, answers during a question-and-answer session, following his speech on the labor market and monetary policy at a webinar hosted by the Australian Economic Association on Thursday.

Excerpt from the key

“We don’t think about negative interest rates.”

“Fiscal policy should play a greater role in future cycles.”

“Quantitative easing is likely to be needed in future economic cycles.”

However, there are limits and central banks cannot continue to buy assets. “

“I don’t see a compelling reason to change the target indicator.” prices consumers CPI“.

“It will take us a long time to get wages above 3%.”

“Markets don’t have to believe our reaction works.”

“We will not raise interest rates to stop real estate prices from rising.”

“Modest reduction in purchasing bond This shows economic progress. “

market response

The AUD / USD pair rebounded AUD / USD About 10 points at the beginning of a question and answer session for the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia RBA Philip Lowe. The pair is now trading in the region of 0.7465, which is still 0.21% a day.


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