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Episode 15 “Descent of the Strangers” … Mai Omar is confused between forgiveness and Assaf al-Gharib

The events of the series “The Generation of the Strangers” episode 15 began with a scene that Hamza (whose role is played by Ahmed Malik) went to the forgiveness of the stranger to apologize to him for what he had done while defending his mother Jalila, whose role is represented by Mai Omar, and that he stood before him and prevented him from hitting Jalila in the previous episode, and that he considered him his son and not He knew others, as he blamed him for loving him dearly from the beginning of his marriage to Jalila, and the more he grew older, he loved him more, as he warned him not to lose his love so that he would not break it because if that happened, his heart would suffer severely, just as he accepted his apology, and assured him that he is just like his son.

Then Hamza went and asked his mother, Jalila, who would she choose forgiveness or Assaf? But she did not answer and he asked her not to break it.

Forgiveness of al-Gharib (Amir Karara) goes to Assaf al-Gharib (Ahmad al-Sakka) to tell him that he agreed to give “Jalila” (Mai Omar) between them, as Assaf talks with his maid Fatima (Reem Sami) and assures her that Jalila will choose him, but she tells him that his certainty is not in order. It may not happen.

After Ali al-Gharib (Diab), in the last episode, assaulted his cousin Mustafa al-Gharib (husband of “Aziza” Menna Fadali) after insulting his mother, Mustafa rented a group of weapons to attack al-Gharib’s ambush and shoot him, but the members of the ambush could arrest them .

And the series “Nassal Al-Agrab”, starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Sakka, Diab, Firdaws Abdel-Hamid, Najla Badr, Mai Omar, Muhammad Jumaa, Muhammad Mahran, Ahmed Dash, Ahmed Malik and a number of other artists, it is written and directed by Muhammad Sami, and is broadcast daily on the screen of the “On E” channel at 8 pm.



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