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Episode 15 of “Kings of Jadana”: Yasmine Rais creates a strife between Amr Saad and Mustafa Shaaban

It seems that the conflict between Zahi al-Attal (Amr Abdel Jalil) and the duo Seena and Sariya (Mustafa Shaaban and Amr Saad) is escalating and reaching its most intense – in Episode 15 of the series “Kings of the Stump” after the imprisonment of the porter’s son on their hands, as Saif al-Attal assigned “Antar” (Walid Fawaz) Strife between the two friends to separate and facilitate their arrest alone, get the diamond box and return the right of his son after his arrest.

Amr Abdel Jalil imprisoned Rania Youssef after trying to kill him

Mustafa Shaban and Amr Saad

Episode 15 of the series begins with unusual, exciting surprises, as the absence and disappearance of “Naglaa” (the artist Rania Youssef) continues, and whose brother “Ship” (artist Mustafa Shaaban) is looking for her everywhere, and he does not know that she was kidnapped and tortured by “Zahi.” The porter »(Amr Abdel Jalil) after Rania tried to kill him and stab him with a knife, so that the right of her murdered son was returned to his hands.

Picking Jasmine Head into the trap of treason

Walid Fawaz traps Yasmin Rais in the trap of treason

The events of the conspiracies escalate to differentiate between the two friends (a ship and a secret). Episode 15 witnesses despicable actions by “Umm Basant” (played by Sama Ibrahim) and her daughter “Basant” (played by Farah Youssef), as the two agreed with “Antar” (Walid Fawaz) for luring Yasmine Rais (who plays the role of “Faten”) to the apartment of “Safina” in order to entrap “ship” and “secret” (artist Amr Saad), and to make the people of the neighborhood delude that “ship” deceives everyone and establishes a suspicious relationship with Daughter of his girlfriend and fiancée of a lifetime friend

The trap of betrayal of Yasmin Prime destroys the heart of Amr Saad

Sariya is confused and feels very helpless, as he succeeded in smuggling his mother, Atia (the artist Dalal Abdel Aziz), but he discovered that she was very ill and her heart rate did not exceed 30 percent, as the cardiovascular doctor assured him that it had been done. Giving wrong medicine to his mother with the aim of killing her, which caused her condition to deteriorate sharply, and that she needs a miracle in order to return to normal, as the “secret” receives the doctor’s words with great sadness after he confirmed that his mother was subjected to an attempted murder while she was in the prison hospital, without being He knows that everything that happens to him and a friend of his life a “ship” is at the instruction of “Zahi Al-Attal.”

The porter’s son faces fraud and rape charges

On the other hand, the case of Saif Zahi al-Attal becomes a public opinion case after his arrest, as charges of rape and indecent assault of three girls are brought against him by force, and he will also be tried on charges of forging official papers after he forged his death certificate to escape from the country.



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