Fatah has decided its position on running the Palestinian elections with a joint list with Hamas. Rajoub: We will fight this battle alone

The Secretary of the Central Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Movement “Fatah”, Jibril Rajoub, said Saturday, March 30, 2021, that “there will be no joint list” between his movement and Hamas to run for the next elections, two days after a “direct warning” issued by the head of the Israeli intelligence service The “Shin Bet” of President Mahmoud Abbas, against running in the elections with the participation of Hamas.

During his meeting on the official Palestine TV, Rajoub said that “there was no consultation with Hamas on forming a joint bilateral list,” adding that “the decision of the Central Committee (of Fatah) is to build a broad national front, and we are open to all our people.”

But he returned to confirm: “We in Fatah will fight this electoral battle alone, and we have not presented any faction with a joint list.”

He added that the Fatah Central Committee will meet next Friday and discuss the names of Fatah candidates for the elections.

Rajoub also stressed that the elections will continue, and will not be undone, as a way to end the political division and build Palestinian unity.

And he added: “We will not allow the occupation to disrupt the electoral process, and our position is constant regarding the participation of Jerusalemites, as candidates and elections.”

He continued: “And in the event that Israel refuses to hold elections in Jerusalem, we see in the electoral process a clash and battle with the occupation.”

On Saturday, the Palestinian Central Elections Committee (official) began receiving applications to run in the legislative (parliamentary) elections, and the nomination deadline will close at the end of this month.

The threat of the Shin Bet

Channel “It was “Israeli.” On Friday, it was revealed that the head of the Shin Bet security service Nadav Argaman met with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, earlier this week.

In this meeting, the head of the Israeli intelligence service issued a “strong warning” to the Palestinian president not to go to the elections with the participation of Hamas.

For his part, the head of the Shin Bet sent Abu Mazen a message in which he confirmed that the head of the authority was committing grave mistakes, and that he would find it difficult to retract them later, and that would lead to the loss of his prestige and political power, according to his claim.

The channel also indicated that, coinciding with the meeting between Argaman and Abu Mazen, an American delegate secretly arrived at the boycott and presented Abu Mazen with a similar warning.

According to the channel, there is a great fear in both Israel and the United States that the Fatah and Hamas negotiations that were held in Cairo, and the resulting political solutions and upcoming elections, would lead to the re-positioning of Hamas in the West Bank and the movement’s assumption of some ministerial portfolios in the next Palestinian government.

Hamas’s proposal … and the split of Fatah

The deputy head of the political bureau of Hamas, Saleh al-Arouri, had suggested to Fatah Secretary Jibril Rajoub to participate in the Palestinian elections within a joint list, and a formula that would ensure that the two movements allocate 40% of the seats to each of them, and another 20% to smaller factions.

Although this proposal is rejected by the Palestinian President, as any list is required for Fatah to have a share of 51% of the seats, negotiations between the two parties are still ongoing.

Meanwhile, Fatah’s internal crisis looms on the horizon of preparing for the elections. Abu Mazen, Arafat’s nephew, Nasser al-Kidwa, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs, was expelled from the movement this week and stopped the transfer of funds to the “Arafat Foundation” headed by Al-Kidwa.

While Al-Kidwa himself made it clear that he intends to head a list of candidates in front of the official list of Fatah, Marwan Barghouti made it clear from his cell that his men will run in the elections independently of the list approved by Abu Mazen, and he will run for the Palestinian presidential elections next August.

Not only that, there is also Muhammad Dahlan, who spends his time between Abu Dhabi and Cairo, and made it clear that he intends to run in the Palestinian elections under the name of “the democratic current,” which may be taken from the balance of Fatah as well.

Cairo talks

On Wednesday, the Palestinian factions concluded in the Egyptian capital Cairo two-day meetings as part of the second round of dialogue, during which they discussed files related to the legislative elections and the elections to the Palestinian National Council.

The factions participating in the elections, according to the final communiqué of their meetings, signed a code of honor, confirming the transparent and fair conduct of the electoral process in all its stages, and that honest competition prevails between the competing lists.

Palestinian legislative elections will be held to choose 132 deputies on May 22, according to a full proportional representation system.

The Palestinian presidential elections will be held on July 31, and the National Council (for Palestinians abroad) on August 31.

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